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  •  23 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-536 Add svg test files to
KDEVOPS-656 Update httpd to 2.4.41
KGEO-582 Added in st_simplify / st_simplifypreservetopology geo functions
KGEO-668 Fixed a memory leak in st_dissolve processing. Improved st_dissolve by having groupby sinking use the CascadedUnion. Also CascadedUnion will split multipolygons up by default; chunk processing keeps multipolygons together for now
KGEO-675 If an intermediate geometry during the CascadedUnion (st_dissolve) is invalid then re-buffer the geometry and try again
KGEO-675 Improve st_dissolve sinking by gathering up all the geometries that need to be merged and then doing a cascaded union to do the final merge, instead of doing an iterative one-at-a-time union
KGEO-675 Improvements to st_dissolve focussing on the use case of all records resharded to 1 tom. Sink merging does one-at-a-time CascadedUnion instead of batching up all responses (since if we resharded there will only be 1 response). The highest level of the STRtree is processed in parallel by 4 omp threads
KINFRA-1431 Add 'system-limited-fatal' error message to all file related errors in SetIndexedDb
KINFRA-1483 Fixed dangling refs in alter table
KINFRA-1483 Fixed potential dangling object references in ProcExecutionManager
KINFRA-1490 Update persist_sync_time conf comment
KINFRA-1490 Added fsync conf parameters: fsync_on_interval, fsync_indexdb_immediate, fsync_metadata_immediate, fsync_inodes_immediate
KINFRA-1490 Add fsync() in file::flush and add flush() to jsonWrapper
KINFRA-1490 Add metadata_flush_immediate and indexdb_flush_immediate to conf with default = false
KINFRA-1490 Add metadata_flush_immediate for json flush on write
KINFRA-1493 Add logs for waiting to clear lockfile, before and after
KINFRA-1493 Wait with insert records and in create new table - if file 'lockfile' exists in directory
KINFRA-1496 Search all table directories for max set_index
KOLAP-1689 Logical view definition will not show refresh option
KOLAP-1703 JoinedSetKernelDataHelper works as before when permutation indices are set
KOLAP-1703 Modified get_records_by_column worker to plumb through offset and num_points requested - new KernelDataHelper schedule function that takes these parameters added - uses existing GPUManager capability for GaiaSet and JoinedSet
KOLAP-1733 Fixed problem with restart on manual list partition - On restart show_table is called to get table info - The partition_keys vector was not being correctly set from the JSON until the partitions were actually cached - The partition_keys_external were loaded from disk but partition_keys were not set - Changed the mode of operation to always set partition_keys when loading from disk so that we can't have any problems - Do some defensive programming to make sure we don't divide or mod by 0 even if the partition keys are empty
KUI-817 Add support for Python API script export for KiSQL Visual Explain tool



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