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KGEO-685 st_buffer with spherical distance metric uses a local UTM transformation with much less skew than the previously used mercator projection
KINFRA-1160 Add GPUDB_PROCESS_ID env var to bin/gpudb script to track child pids and 'kill' them, even when orphaned
KINFRA-1540 Add missing code for conf on_startup_script
KINFRA-1544 Limit number of table tiered objects returned from /show/resource/statistics to 100
KOLAP-1720 (adapted from a0ecd8c but without JoinedSet.cpp) JoinedSet.cpp: - Use subtask concurrency limit for all parallelization - Avoid tier management when creating all true stencils Worker_between_filter - Use subtask concurrency limit - avoid tier management when creating all true stencils - Use IndexedExecutor to gather up to 20 chunks into one work item
KOLAP-1720 JoinedSet constructor copies bitmask stencils in parallel and does faster all-true stencil creation if it can
KOLAP-1720 Benchmark improvements to many chunk joins and get_records_by_column
KOLAP-1720 Parallelize JoinedSet::count. Disbable more counting when JoinedSet option no_count is true. For all_true nullable columns continue to filter as all_true if column has no nulls and all_false if column is all nulls
KOLAP-1755 Implement shard based chunk-skipping
KOLAP-1755 Fix to skip if there is only 1 shard
KUI-972 Remove odbc flags for 7.0
KUI-972 Support for KIO Kinetica->Kinetica via spark with SSL



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