Kinetica Release Notes

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  • Various bug fixes - 31 issues were fixed


KDEVOPS-656 Update httpd to 2.4.41
KECO-1480 Fixed backtick replacement logic
KGEO-673 Make GAIA_CALL_OPENGL check both the call's return value and error code from glGetError()
KGEO-674 Added a check for the case when the number of source chunks (of a join table) is zero
KGEO-685 Modify st_buffer() with spherical distance metric to use a local UTM transformation with much less skew than the previously used mercator projection
KINFRA-1430 Add signature to zmq comms to detect bad tcp messages
KINFRA-1430 In 6.2 only GaiaZmq needs update to add a signature to zmq comms to detect bad tcp messages
KINRA-1450 Replace uptime in db overview with inserted/deleted rows/sec, show total HTTP recv/send bytes in top plot
KINFRA-1450 Set gaia_info.start_time in GM::reinitForRestart() to reflect ranks starting, not hostmanager

Enforce that a view name was specified for /filter/bytable spatial mode. Also change a worker ERROR to WARN when there are non-polygon/multipolygon WKTs in a filter-by-table spatial call


Provide a way to bind OK button to RETURN key on rename table


GAdmin user list screen refresh button does not update angular grid


Update KIDDL tool to generate CREATE TABLE instead of CREATE OR REPLACE


Update dashboard import tool to be easier for users to find and select dashboards to import

KUI-897 Bubble Chart 2  Handle series and entity being equal
KUI-897 Improve sometimes inefficient query generation in Reveal especially when limits are configured
KUI-907 Encode URL for table names to allow spaces and other special characters
KUI-932 Add support for sort order for Bar Chart slice
KUI-947 Add WKT support for Map slice autofit data feature
KUI-954 Support schema field for KIO Postgres import/export
KUI-959 Fix handling of single quote parameters
KUI-959 Support new KIO CSV flags
KUI-960 Update uptime indicator
KUI-972 Support for KIO Kinetica->Kinetica via spark with SSL
KUI-976 Convert circles to polygons so it works with spherical coordinates
KUI-987 Add support for canceling/killing KIO jobs
KUI-987 Remove console.log
KUI-988 KIO doesn't update job status
KUI-989 KIO Bug Fixes
KUI-992 Increase Job Executor max threads for (KIO) import jobs
KUI-999 Worker node GAdmin app goes into infinite login redirects



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