Kinetica Release Notes

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KINFRA-1628 Fix JobManager/TableLockManager deadlock issue; also fix issue where an unlock could be missed for a stage 1 exclusive lock
KOLAP-1711 Fix few simplifiers to not maintain any state to avoid concurrent access
KOLAP-1744 Fix the in operation bug by adding CharNInSimplification
KOLAP-1771 Mark the rpn has been normalized in normalize_rpn_datatypes function
KOLAP-1771 to_char function supports number as string format specifier
KOLAP-1773 Fixed a bug in handleConstantRequest() function
KOLAP-1773 Updated small changes in isa_constant_rpn function
KOLAP-1782 TIMESTAMPADD returns datetime when input is a valid datetime string format
KOLAP-1783 Check bound values when pass datetime literal string in timestampadd functions
KOLAP-1801 LIKE operator accepts a third argument, with default escape char of ''
KOLAP-1801 Enclose escape character for like function with single-quotes
KOLAP-1813 CONSTANT_TIMESTAMPADDSimplification only needs to handle datetime string, not date string



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