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KINFRA-1160 bin/gpudb also kill gpudb_proc user processes with GPUDB_PROCESS_ID env var
KINFRA-1332 FileUtil::getFileStat() doesn't modify input vars if stat() fails
KINFRA-1556 Update, type change int -> time is now allowed
KINFRA-1568 Update executor dtor poll to start with 1ms
KINFRA-1573 Fix RamPool::alterSize to be actual value vice offset
KINFRA-1580 Set last chunk_id from persist, on startup, outside omp loop
KOLAP-1720 Eliminate unnecessary pinning of all-true/all-false stencils
KOLAP-1720 Fixed not-on-shard chunk skipping improved to avoid parallel-skip-analysis when it is determined the chunk is not on the shard - JoinedSet::requires_full_refresh and requires_incremental_refresh always return false if chunk is not on the shard. added
KOLAP-1765 Fix shard key chunk skipping by making raw strings (DATA_TYPE_STRING) 'comparable' so they can be used in between filters. Note that we still reject expressions of the form: <raw_string> > 'value' since we don't have a HASH_GT_OP
KOLAP-1777 Fixed SegFault against aggregate unpivot 



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