Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  12 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-747 Remove extra 'pem' files in the 'future' package
KINFRA-1085 Add GaiaSetManager TRACE log to print ALL tables per tom, add log to GaiaSetData::delete_chunk()
KINFRA-1652 Create metadata from stencil file, if exists - when reading persist v6.2
KINFRA-1664 Account for foreign key memory; add failsafes for allocation failures Add access to system resource group via ResourceGroup class Eliminate dead code
KINFRA-1668 Fix SetManager deadlock in RootProcessManager between SecurityManager->init() and refresh views creating tables
KOLAP-1780 Allow system_user to access sql procedures
KOLAP-1780 Fix security related issues with sql procedures
KOLAP-1780 Fix to not return sql procedures in /show/table response and default initialize SqlProcManager
KOLAP-1867 Add a bunch of checks in BlockStencil::create_index_to_block to help avoid crashing and also help pinpoint where the bug is
KOLAP-1867 Add in filter plan printing for rank2/tom0 as well
KOLAP-1867 Enclose escape character for like function with single-quotes
KUI-1060 Additional Graph UI enhancements for create/query/solve/match



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