Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  14 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-753 Update cryptography library 1.9=>2.7
KGEO-701 Bump the max number of cells for st_hexgrid/pointgrid/squaregrid/trianglegrid from 20M to 100M
KINFRA-1711 Clear partition data in GaiaSetData destructor to make sure chunks are gone before m_fk_pool is destroyed
KINFRA-1712 Move SetTimeoutManager thread starting after StringManager is created in RootProcessManager
KOLAP-1780 Fix procedure name in show procedure sql output
KOLAP-1879 Completely skip equi-join processing for zero sized joined_set_chunks
KOLAP-1879 Change to not clear all tables
KOLAP-1879 Sanitize Tests/ from customer specific names
KOLAP-1879 Fix test to use auto-generated table names
KOLAP-1881 SkipKernel::make_all_false_stencil_func_single now handles 0 count input stencil correctly
KOLAP-1883 Shard key chunk skipping now functional for outer-joins
KOLAP-1890 Allow is_null expression as parameter to aggregate expressions
KUI-1092 Advanced CSV import tool does not support space-delimited files
KUI-1106 Update KIO batch size defaults



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