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KDEVOPS-800 Fix so it uses
KGEO-715 Added an optional 'limit' parameter for the st_hexgrid/pointgrid/squaregrid/trianglegrid functions. Default is 0 (which means to use the hardcoded 100M limit). If set to -1 there is no limit. If set to a positive number use that as the limit
KGEO-719 Fix groupby sinking when grouping on WKTs and we use the k-way merge (more than 4 responses to sink) and all but 1 of the responses are empty (the wkt hashes/vals weren't being copied in this case)
KGEO-725 Correctly populate WKT metadata (bounding boxes) during projection re-chunking including recalculating chunk 0 (since it will have fewer records after chunking)
KGEO-725 Fix geo chunk skipping to only skip if the chunk metadata is set; if the chunk metadata is not set then we will not do chunk skipping
KGEO-1728 Fix compaction test, for insert records random being subchunked and chunk cache -> shadow cube
KINFRA-1778 Rebalancer.cpp, Rebalance internal request set_rebalance now runs in its own job, makes job canceling more robust
KINFRA-1779 Rebalancer.cpp, support new compact_after_rebalance and compact_only options
KINFRA-1780 When compacting, don't end compaction process if a single table fails
KINFRA-1782 Fix compaction to not skip non-charN strings, was broken in the wake of RocksDb removal
KOLAP-1794 Joins use official internal endpoint option create_join_table_no_incremental_refresh, so refresh of join after rebalance doesn't get rejected for a bad option
KOLAP-1796 Add use_multihead_ingest to
KOLAP-1924 chunk-skip-index now gets added to as needed for both updates and upserts
KOLAP-1924 Fix problem with chunk-skip-index when chunks have been deleted by delete_records or update_records
KOLAP-1953 Do not do between filter plan if bounds are outside the max range of the datatype being filtered (e.g int8_t < 129)
KOLAP-1954 Add missing sync to BoundsValue constructor (the temp memory allocated at line 781 was going out of scope and thus could be used from another thread before the constructor's thrust calls completed)
KUI-1120 Add limitations to stats modal column type change recommendation



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