Kinetica Release Notes

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  • 297 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-759 Change '--session-command' to '--command' on su in postinst for ubuntu
KDEVOPS-759 Fix custom slice search for Ubuntu
KDEVOPS-759 Fix post install script type-o gpudb-python=>gpudb_python
KDEVOPS-820 Use systemctl to start host manager when available
KECO-1534 Added a --version flag which prints the KIO and compatible GAdmin version
KECO-1622 Kinetica->Kinetica pre-create the destination table off the source table
KECO-1622 Updated
KECO-1622 Work towards using kiSQL to create Kinetica tables for testing purposes
KECO-1623 Fixed hardcoded dependent package failure issue
KGEO-1632 Fixed username and password restrictions
KGEO-668 Fix additional geometry memory leaks
KGEO-693 Added new option for removing entities based on label ONOFF restrictions
KGEO-693 Many-to-many queries at scale implementation is created by revamping the query as an explicit solver, as AdjacencySolver. New tests added accordingly
KGEO-701 Bump the max number of cells for st_hexgrid/pointgrid/squaregrid/trianglegrid from 20M to 100M
KGEO-706 Added a missing solver option 'allpaths' (documented but not listed)
KGEO-711 Added an explicit end-point for modifying an existing graph with new inserts and deletes (restrictions), as '/modify/graph'
KGEO-711 Added the new python test for the modify_graph endpoint
KGEO-713 Allow endcap style 'butt' as an alias for 'flat' in st_buffer
KGEO-714 Implement 'st_project' geospatial function
KGEO-714 Fix empty ('') geometry constants in st_* expressions. WKT parsing now will throw an error if an empty string is passed in instead of returning null
KINFRA-1064 Add code to DiskTierMonitor to use sparse size, but still hardcoded to full size since it is safer
KINFRA-1085 Only log running as once per exec, show-port -> show-net, doc show-ps in help
KINFRA-1086 Silence omp_set_num_threads log when loading at start up
KINFRA-1095 Add CMake GAIA_ENABLE_SHARED_PTR_CHECKS and GAIA_ENABLE_VECTOR_CHECKS options to check std::shared_ptr/vector (replaces cmake -DBOOST_ENABLE_ASSERT_HANDLER option)
KINFRA-1095 Add disabled strace option to gpudb_cluster_valgrind
KINFRA-1095 can now run a single test function using -n '--tests foo:bar'
KINFRA-1095 Fix Worker_compaction.cpp compilation, need to #include IndexedDb since we deref the shared_ptr
KINFRA-1095 GAIA_ENABLE_SHARED_PTR_CHECKS log typeid(*this) not of typeid(shared_ptr::element_type) which allows forward declarations and * operator to work in gcc 5x
KINFRA-1095 GaiaSetStencil add pin checks in load/save and out of sync checks in funcs that modify data so we don't forget to save changes
KINFRA-1095 JobManager::removeCompletedJobImpl() destroys jobinfoptr in try/catch, AsyncJobProcessor destuctor try/catch, LogUtils update cached loggers on init
KINFRA-1095 Update GpuDbKeygen*.cpp for new cmake options GAIA_ENABLE_SHARED_PTR_CHECKS and GAIA_ENABLE_VECTOR_CHECKS
KINFRA-1213 Add some tests for external file loading
KINFRA-1213 Add and
KINFRA-1213 CsvFile uses memmove vice memcpy in its internal buffer
KINFRA-1213 External files changes from code review
KINFRA-1213 Move test_insert_from_file from parallel tests to serial tests for now
KINFRA-1213 Rename ExternalTable to ExternalFiles
KINFRA-1213 Rename insert_records_fromfiles to insert_records_from_files
KINFRA-1213 Take out of all_test
KINFRA-1213 Don't create type from file if type_id passed in create_external_table_request

Persist external table info

KINFRA-1365 Worker_create_external_table
KINFRA-1366 Added create_external_table_request
KINFRA-1368 Endpoint_scan_external_table: create type from csv header row
KINFRA-1368 Endpoint/Worker scan_external_table
KINFRA-1374 Change VRAM caching approach to prevent crashes; also make /a/s/p evict_columns evict from VRAM for testing
KINFRA-1465 Alter table set refresh method external table
KINFRA-1481 Refresh external table
KINFRA-1496 Refresh external table, persist avro info
KINFRA-1500 Fix memory leak during csv reading of WKTs
KINFRA-1500 In /create/externaltable rename separator to delimiter for consistency with other artifacts
KINFRA-1500 Modify CsvSplitter util to be a class instead of standalone function
KINFRA-1500 More extensive parameter validation in ExternalTableReader
KINFRA-1514 For external table parsing, handle changing default column separator to tab or pipe for .tsv, .psv file filters
KINFRA-1515 External table parsing escape double quotes into a single quote
KINFRA-1515 In external table processing support both quote char and escape char
KINFRA-1515 In external table reading, quote character now enabled by default
KINFRA-1515 Update external tables quotes parsing to match revised requirements
KINFRA-1516 External table error handling mode updates
KINFRA-1518 Add external tables tests for custom datetime formats with escaped delimiters
KINFRA-1518 External tables now support custom date/time/datetime formats
KINFRA-1518 In Datetime fix custom datetime format bug found by unit test
KINFRA-1518 In Datetime, refactoring and updates to custom date/time/datetime formatting
KINFRA-1518 In Datetime's custom format processing, handle escaping of format and column delimiters
KINFRA-1518 New class for custom date/time/datetime formats
KINFRA-1526 Added new CsvSplitter utility and unit test
KINFRA-1526 Integrate CsvFile class (the new parser) with ExternalTableReader class
KINFRA-1526 New CsvParsing class, handles extracting records as raw strings from csv file
KINFRA-1526 Rename CsvParsing.h/cpp to CsvFile.h/.cpp
KINFRA-1528 Add dry run option to external tables
KINFRA-1528 Added fuzzing unit tests for CsvFile and CsvSplitter classes
KINFRA-1528 Better error handling for external tables
KINFRA-1528 External table added validity checking and tests for wkt and wkb types
KINFRA-1528 External table minor tweaks
KINFRA-1528 External table parsing catch invalid date/time/datetime fields line by line and skip/abort on bad lines
KINFRA-1528 External tables added test_external_tables_fuzzing, which generates random files to load as external tables
KINFRA-1528 External tables now does bounds checking on floating point types including decimal, also tweaked error handling again
KINFRA-1528 External tables now does bounds checking on integer types, also now supports unsigned long
KINFRA-1528 External tables now does bounds checking on string types (charN and max string size for unbound strings and bytes)
KINFRA-1528 External tables trim leading & trailing space when parsing numeric columns
KINFRA-1528 External tables validity checking for ipv4 type, default byte to store only, added tests for ipv4 and bytes
KINFRA-1528 External tables Various improvements
KINFRA-1528 Finished implementing the 3 error handling modes in external tables
KINFRA-1528 Fixed external table parsing issue where a malformed line could throw exception and take us out of parsing a file altogether
KINFRA-1528 Plumbed in a custom functor to ExternalTableReader that processes the encoded data, then used that to set up a round trip unit test facility
KINFRA-1528 Tweak external tables test harness add reusable macro
KINFRA-1535 Fix compiler warning
KINFRA-1535 For external table processing, hardened validation of wildcards, including when files are hidden, in file filter
KINFRA-1539 Block insert/delete/update records on external tables
KINFRA-1539 Update
KINFRA-1545 Completed external tables processing of null fields
KINFRA-1548 Add basic MetricHttpRequestHandler for /metrics
KINFRA-1548 StatsLogger change INFO -> DEBUG log of metrics
KINFRA-1548 Use more/better labels in StatsLogger for prometheus metrics
KINFRA-1550 Add refresh on create_external_table
KINFRA-1550 Refresh external materialized table on startup
KINFRA-1583 Added missing scan_external_table_request/response to endpoint map
KINFRA-1583 CsvFile now has the ability to read a subset of a file determined by byte offset and max lenght to read
KINFRA-1583 External table basic distributed loading both modes
KINFRA-1583 External table basic distributed loading updates
KINFRA-1583 External table framework updates to support different loading modes
KINFRA-1583 Fix bug in inserted record counts for external tables in distributed loading mode
KINFRA-1583 Fix external table parsing bug, not clearing out fields from prior bad line
KINFRA-1583 For external table distributed loading, send data to other ranks/toms in separate work items in parallel with file parsing
KINFRA-1583 In CsvFile class manage buffers and file reading manually vice fstream and getline
KINFRA-1583 In ExternalTableReader don't log csv line numbers if invalid
KINFRA-1583 Rename unit test file ParsingTest to CsvFileTest match class name of CsvFile
KINFRA-1583 Support replicated tables in external table distributed mode
KINFRA-1584 Fix multi-host logic in external tables distributed local loading mode
KINFRA-1584 Improvements to external tables' distributed local mode
KINFRA-1585 Implement job cancellation for external tables
KINFRA-1585 Plumb job id into ExternalTableReader, include it in all logging statements there, and in related endpoints
KINFRA-1586 Add configurable base path for external tables to load files from
KINFRA-1586 Fix inadvertent quote in generate conf file (GaiaParams.cpp)
KINFRA-1587 First step towards using managed containers for the csv file loading
KINFRA-1587 For external file loading use a managed vector for the file data buffer
KINFRA-1588 Adding support to init_with_now in external tables
KINFRA-1603 Hopefully fix issue with manual refresh of external tables not always working
KINFRA-1604 Build fixes. Put local include/arrow before core-libs, unset PROGRAM since it postgres uses it in their Makefiles
KINFRA-1604 Protected ExternalTableReader ctor
KINFRA-1604 Refactoring ExternalTableReader txt and parquet
KINFRA-1609 Merge from master, includes updates for new avro generation process
KINFRA-1636 Add external tables test that exposed bug (now fixed)
KINFRA-1651 Add to
KINFRA-1666 Minor performance enhancement for external tables don't invoke StringUtils::trim unless needed
KINFRA-1666 New standalone test app "csv_load_benchmark" for measuring time to process csv file
KINFRA-1667 Implement column skipping for external tables (primarily in ExternalTableReader)
KINFRA-1686 Switch to new encoders and add managed support for group by responses; use boost lexical_cast for json encoding of floats to limit digits
KINFRA-1688 Give SYSTEM_USER system permissions
KINFRA-1695 In ExternalTableReader split custom_datetime option into three separate options for date, time, and datetime columns
KINFRA-1700 Insert records from files return type_id when table exists
KINFRA-1700 Update
KINFRA-1707 Add set->persist_lock in rename table, to protect from sync_chunks saving the same table at the same time
KINFRA-1707 Revert prev change. not needed in v7.
KINFRA-1708 Replace boost::spirit based csv parser with built-from-scratch parser
KINFRA-1709 CsvFile and CsvSplitter now re-use string tokens from the prior row, rather than allocating new ones from scratch each time
KINFRA-1711 Clear partition data in GaiaSetData destructor to make sure chunks are gone before m_fk_pool is destroyed
KINFRA-1712 Move SetTimeoutManager thread starting after StringManager is created in RootProcessManager.
KINFRA-1713 For csv distributed loading, don't make unnecessary copies of the insert batch when work item functors are copied
KINFRA-1714 For string to number conversion in ExternalTableReader, use boost::spirit::qi library instead of boost::conversion::try_lexical_convert (by way of gaia::StringToNumber())
KINFRA-1715 CsvSplitter code cleanup
KINFRA-1715 Minor refactoring and code cleanup of CsvSplitter class
KINFRA-1716 Do not return access denied if /clear/table is called for a table name that does not exist
KINFRA-1725 In ExternalTableReader cache each columns' bytes_per_element rather than looking it up for each data field
KINFRA-1728 Endpoint_insert_records_random subchunks (100K) large inserts at r0 for pk tables
KINFRA-1731 Fix so that loading files in distributed_shared with relative paths works
KINFRA-1733 In ExternalTableReader, for each record, make one pass over the columns instead of multiple
KINFRA-1734 In ExternalTableReader eliminate all temp strings stood up on the stack in per record or per field functions
KINFRA-1736 Additional tweaks to CsvSplitter.h to squeeze out more performance
KINFRA-1736 In CsvSplitter.h consolidate repeated code into inline function
KINFRA-1736 Reorganize logic in CsvSplitter.h to have less compound if statements for better performance
KINFRA-1737 Create_external_table_request: add filepaths
KINFRA-1737 External table endpoints: move type_id to options, add log in worker_scan_external_table to count WI per request per rank
KINFRA-1737 External table endpoints: rename option csv to delimited_txt
KINFRA-1737 Insert_records_fromfiles and create_external_tables response updates
KINFRA-1737 Rename conf param: external_tables_directory -> external_files_directory
KINFRA-1737 Rename scan_externale_table -> scan_external_file
KINFRA-1737 Update test_external_tables_fuzzing and test_external_tables_round_trip for endpoint API changes
KINFRA-1739 Map column names from header row to type
KINFRA-1741 Actually clear temp key/index vectors in GaiaSetDictVector
KINFRA-1749 Make sure /show/table sizes and table names align
KINFRA-1752 In CsvSplitter.h stop tokenizing once the last required column has been processed
KINFRA-1756 Update error messages for insert_records_fromfiles
KINFRA-1762 Rename ExternalTableReader to ExternalFilesReader
KINFRA-1775 When loading files in distributed local mode, don't throw an error if no files found locally.
KINFRA-1781 Clean up GaiaSetMap includes; split data type dispatch macros to separate header; remove map_string_to_dvector typedef; remove dead code
KINFRA-1781 Remove GAIA_NO_MANAGED_CONTAINERS option; remove obsolete managed avro interface
KINFRA-1790 In CsvSplitter reduce unnecessary calls to string::resize
KINFRA-1791 External file loading completion of new json-based date/time/datetime formats
KINFRA-1791 First cut of using json to specify date/time/datetime for external file loading
KINFRA-1793 External files endpoints: if table exists, read type_id from table
KINFRA-1797 ExternalFileReader.cpp switch from std to boost regex
KINFRA-1798 Return error if trying to insert records from files into an existing table, and failing
KINFRA-1805 Fix bug in rename column, for result_table
KINFRA-1813 Use hidden conf parameter to set size of rank 0 ram pool for external file loading
KINFRA-1815 Fix for UDF execution failure on empty chunks
KINFRA-1816 Don't bind GL renderer sync to worker's condition set; force worker to wait until rendering is complete on a cancel (so that the worker doesn't go away out from under the renderer)
KINFRA-1839 Build fix for DiskTierMonitor text change, forgot to commit GaiaSetManager.h
KINFRA-1839 DiskTierMonitor now only looks at text dirs and can be aborted
KINFRA-1839 Don't subtract size of persist tiered objects from DiskTierMonitor size (no longer scan directories that have tiered objects)
KINFRA-1840 Fix custom date/time/datetime formatting
KINFRA-311 build some projects in parallel now, CMakeLists add link to core-libs cmake exe in build dir
KINFRA-311 build tomcat first to fix race writing to tomcat/webapps dir by stats, gadmin, gaiademo
KINFRA-311 parses stats local build log, not main log since 'parallel' doesn't write until end
KINFRA-311 prepend include name to stdout per project to debug faster
KOLAP-1325 Remove debug setting from test
KOLAP-1337 Test update. NMV refreshability has been deprecated. see KOLAP-1811
KOLAP-1562 WorkerAvro.h now adds received messages tom-id to message begin returned so rank-0 knows which tom sent the message Message::sortByTom modified to sort by rank and tom rather than just tom so recieved messages are sorted in order they were created.  Needed by EndpointGetRecordsSortedUtils.cpp:handle_to_big sends messages to toms to get the bin counts that the messages received are sorted into the order they were in the outgoing message. Problem was because the tom-id wasn't included in the received message and because the rank wasn't included in the sort, the bin-counts were being associated with the wrong toms
KOLAP-1598  Added Column Level Security
KOLAP-1598 First pass at enforcing security (in /get/records/bycolumn)
KOLAP-1598 Remove unneeded comment
KOLAP-1653 Tested update-equi, update-pred and update-bm filter plan types filter out set-nullable nulls
KOLAP-1653 Verify update filter plans work correctly when part of outer join beteen filter now sets set_nullability for the set its filtering to false
KOLAP-1674 Added security support to /aggregate/convex/hull, /aggregate/groupby and /aggregate/histogram.
KOLAP-1674 Security (almost) working for /get/records/bycolumn and /get/records/fromcollection
KOLAP-1674 Security working with GAdmin's Table View
KOLAP-1683 Add fastPathEnabled() function
KOLAP-1683 Add shard key ordet tests and chunk size tests
KOLAP-1683 Add some noisy log to debug the duplicated appending
KOLAP-1683 Clear view correctly when do re-sharding
KOLAP-1683 Code optimization, comments re-wording, and etc
KOLAP-1683 Copy wkt datatype correctly
KOLAP-1683 Dummy testing push to this branch
KOLAP-1683 First push of append/records resharding
KOLAP-1683 Fix some duplicated appending errors and add more tests
KOLAP-1683 Mark target table dirty when fast path is chosen
KOLAP-1683 Put back append/records resharding
KOLAP-1683 Temporarily comment out append_recording resharing functionality due to some fail when setting 4 toms/rank
KOLAP-1683 Temporarily comment out some tests in
KOLAP-1683 Update pk correctly, and push regularly
KOLAP-1697 * New Files: ParseCBRange.cpp/h, ParserAggFunctype.h, ParserForwardDecls.h, Worker_visualize_utils.cpp, RpnElement.h, TypeValue.h * ParserForwardDecls.h replaces Parser.h in many .h files * Move some functions implementations out of .h file to .cpp file so Parser.h can be removed from .h file * EndpointParserUtils::ExpressionInfo change TypedRpnConverter member to shard pointer * EndpointParserUtils::ConstantExpressionEvaluator change RpnElement member to the string value of the RpnElement * Include Parser.h explicitily in .cpp files where its actually needed now that many implicit inclusions of Parser.h have been eliminated * Needed to move some default constructor/destructors from .h file having forward declarations of RpnElement to .cpp file that directly includes Parser.h
KOLAP-1697 Add GEOSGeometry.h to declare GEOSGeometry independently of GeometryUtils.h and use in TypeValue.h fix missing .h files that result in other files
KOLAP-1697 Add missing file ParseCBRange.h
KOLAP-1697 Add Parser.h to TestsApps files where needed
KOLAP-1697 Fix compiler wrarning move enum's RpnDataType and TypedRpnOp to there own files avoid incomplete type message for TypedRpnOp when debugging
KOLAP-1697 Remove ParserCBRange.h
KOLAP-1726 Implemented a new approach by getting rid of RamPool in the GaiaSet. Add an internal column KI_RECORD_ID2() in the projection. While updating the indexDB for target set, fetch the string column values using the KI_RECORD_ID2 of source set.
KOLAP-1726 Fixed few review comments
KOLAP-1747 avoid overwriting response.options while carrying the /create/jointable's info to the /get/records/bycolumn
KOLAP-1752 Add SQL support for csv_columns external table parameter
KOLAP-1752 Add SQL support for external tables
KOLAP-1752 Add support for new external table options
KOLAP-1752 Add support for show external table
KOLAP-1775 Changes from Code Review
KOLAP-1781 Save bitmask stencils to cache even the result size is zero. Earlier it was not saved into cache because the chunk skipping explain paramters were difficult to retrieve from the cache entries. Now, the cache entries have an extra member indicating the size of the stencil so it is easier to produce the identical chunk skip explain string whether the entry is saved or not into the cache
KOLAP-1787 Fix valgrind error in createing equi-join plan when gpdub.conf:enable_compound_equi_join is false
KOLAP-1819 1. Move shadow cube settings to general section of config. 2. Equi join results are cacheable when overlapped equi join is disabled. 3. Add
KOLAP-1819 Apply code review comments. Rewrite the purge logic to handle all the stencil types. Modify the test to make sure that the purging block stencil logic does not purge other stencil entries
KOLAP-1820 Do not allow multiple left primary key joins when there are multiple left sets
KOLAP-1820 Test outer join on various cross joins no primary keys. Fixed problem in FilterPlanner m_stencil_desc containing input stencils that were replaced
KOLAP-1829 Create GaiaConfig() of size 0 now and let loading populate it
KOLAP-1829 Fix validating 2 rank conf in GaiaApp and reading conf proc_directory
KOLAP-1829 GaiaParams fix loading 2 rank conf, load gpudb.conf.user if found
KOLAP-1829 GaiaParams.cpp validate now checks if m_rank is out of range
KOLAP-1829 Update GaiaParams to use ConfigParser class. Numbers can use k, kb, etc. No value validation from ini->struct, just type checking. Add test
KOLAP-1873 Add tests to verify this ticker works well
KOLAP-1873 Make test detect if the planner is running
KOLAP-1879 Change to not clear all tables
KOLAP-1879 Completely skip equi-join processing for zero sized joined_set_chunks
KOLAP-1879 Fix test to use autogenerated table names
KOLAP-1879 Sanitize Tests/ from customer specific names
KOLAP-1880 JoinedSet.cpp:skip_chunk now avoids skipping chunks for is_null(<variable>) type expressions
KOLAP-1881 Add to and
KOLAP-1881 Add unique identifier to all table names
KOLAP-1881 SkipKernel::make_all_false_stencil_func_single now handles 0 count input stencil correctly
KOLAP-1883 Fix test problem in comparing multisharded get-records-by_column responses
KOLAP-1883 Shard key chunk skipping now works correctly for outer joins
KOLAP-1887 Add support for /insert/records/fromfiles endpoint in SQL executor
KOLAP-1887 Fix minor bugs -- fix show table output to return logical view type correctly -- ignore errors in grant * statement if the table was dropped after gathering in wildcard list
KOLAP-1887 Revise datetime formats and file type syntax for external table
KOLAP-1887 Revise format options of external table as per new schema
KOLAP-1889 Add support for Row/Column Level Security to more (filter) endpoints
KOLAP-1889 Convert remaining endpoints for Row/Column Level Security
KOLAP-1890 Allow is_null expression as parameter to aggregate expressions
KOLAP-1894 1) Changed modifieres parent/child in FilterPlanner to foreign_key/primary_key. 2) Changed BAD_INDEX to NULL_INDEX in GaiaStencil.cpp 3) Added or-accumulated vector m_update_clears_nulls to FilterPlanner whenever m_set_bitmask_changed is set set to true if filter will clear nulls 4) Added ParserUtils::evaluate_filter_rpn_with_variables_replace_by_nulls so FitlerPlanner can determine if unary filter clears nulls or not 5) Modified FilterPlanner::add_update_filter_plans to copy m_update_clears_nulls to update filter plans as they are created 6) Worker_update_xxx get clear_nulls flag from m_update_clears_nulls[set_index] and used to either clear or preserve nulls 7) Modified helper functions for Worker_update_xxx in WorkerJoinUtils, SpaceEfficientVector and GaiaStencil to support clear_nulls flag
KOLAP-1894 Created illustrating problem
KOLAP-1894 Fix bug in casting of the typed null constants added to implement ParserUtils::evaluate_filter_rpn_with_variables_replace_by_nulls
KOLAP-18894 Fix missing checkin of Worker_primary_key_join_filter.cpp
KOLAP-1894 Unary filter for null-preserving expressions on outer joins now work correctly if set_index filtered touches an overlapped-equi-join stencil
KOLAP-1902 Non-immediate chunk caching. Caching kicks in for truely repeated queries
KOLAP-1903 Return non-empty error message for sql query errors.
KOLAP-1913 Add table monitor when append/records re-sharding.
KOLAP-1940 TypedSelectKernel now calls new JoinedSetChunk::get_and_cach_indices outside of gpu lock
KOLAP-1943 Added check that KernelLogger debug is enabled to macros in KernelProlog.h
KOLAP-1951 Don't allow hetrogeneous MASK expressions on the same column of the same table
KOLAP-1955 Fix for MASK of DATETIME, etc.; Combine Error Checking for unrestricted tables
KOLAP-1958 & KOLAP-1960 Don't cache restricted SQL plans, and don't use them either
KOLAP-1959 Env-intersects plan now only applied to bitmask stencils
KOLAP-1966 Add test case
KOLAP-1967 Fix for crash from GRANT; KOLAP-1889 /filter/byValue. Minor code cleanup & fixes
KOLAP-1968 Added show_table_response table_descriptions key words MATERIALIZED_VIEW and MATERIALIZED_VIEW_MEMBER
KOLAP-1968 Fix show table to not throw errors if table does not exists
KOLAP-1973 Avoid double sorting on attributes that appear more than once
KOLAP-1976 Reduce number of LEFT JOINs needed in the security SQL
KOLAP-1980 Avoid adding zero sized chunks to JoinedSet
KOLAP-1985 Fix for using restrictions (in some cases) even when user has SYSTEM_READ. Created EndpointRestrictions namespace (based on Code Review suggestions). Other minor code fixes, error message changes and Code Review suggestions
KOLAP-1992 Add testcase
KOLAP-290 Show_table now returns views under construction with a table_description of ['MATERIALIZED_VIEW_UNDER_CONSTRUCTION']. test_create_view_kolap290 tests. The clear_table endpoint now clears such views under construction and tests were added for both clearing the table by name and for a clear_all (which wasn't working before)
KOLAP-316 Add File arg to trace events that records filename and line number of evernt
KINFRA-476 Added some tests that verified views under construction are deleted corretly when clear_table is run on 1) view, 2) a view member, 3) an input table to the view
KINFRA-476 When deleting a materialized view use smi->m_view_members to determine view members rather than collecting from destination of view root insures all tables of multi-root view get deleted
KINFRA-580 Added test_create_view_kolap580 to shows problem no longer exists
KINFRA-627 Added test to all_test
KINFRA-627 Added showing problem was fixed
KINFRA-627 Skip tests if sql planner not enabled
KINFRA-709 Added test given in ticket that illustrates the problem
KINFRA-709 Fields now have annotation TYPE_FIELD_ANNOTATION_JOIN_NULLABLE that can is used to better determine if a column is nullable New Field::is_nullable function returns true if column is either set_nullable or column_nullable. Field::get_json uses this function to set nullable property
KUI-1099 Edit/update of class-break values/ranges in Map slice
KUI-1103 Add base table name to popup dropdown
KUI-1103 Map slice info popup to span multiple layers
KUI-1104 Auto-generate class breaks for Reveal map slice
KUI-1104 Fix edge case generator errors
KUI-1104 Improve formatting and styling of error messages
KUI-1104 Improve styling of class break configuration modal
KUI-1105 Feature rendering specific color override
KUI-1109 Scatterplot slice should default to info/modal tool on load


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