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KDEVOPS-827 Add detection for shared_ptr_base.h for gcc 4.8 (SLES)
KINFRA-1848 Fix crash on startup with tier predicates due to multiple threads modifying TierStrategyChain's m_rpn member concurrently
KINFRA-1852 In ExternalFilesReader.cpp fix accidental concatenation of multiple relative paths
KINFRA-1853 Avoid deadlock caused by new security code
KINFRA-1856 Must use Poco::SharedPtr for HttpServer SSL objects
KINFRA-1859 external files: read records with more columns than in the type
KINFRA-1859 external files: update test_create_external_table
KOLAP-1999 Fix groupby on float/double NaN values. Previously NaNs were being split into separate groups since the standard >/< comparisons don't behave properly for NaNs. Now for float/double columns we check and handle NaNs directly.
KOLAP-1999 Fix incorrect template parameter
KOLAP-1999 Fix nan handling in groupby. Cuda 8 evidently doesn't like custom comparison functors in thrust::stable_sort_by_key. Instead of using a custom comparator now we 'lexicographically' sort by first sorting by the vector itself (but setting nan values to 0), then sorting by a vector of is_nan values
KOLAP-1999 Fix sorting to be nan-aware (the nan groupby test was failing on certain GPUs and/or cuda versions). NaNs will sort higher than non-NaNs
KOLAP-2004 Update external table sql tests as per new syntax
KOLAP-2011 Fix groupby on expressions with timestampadd and string identifies (i.e. 'minute')
KUI-1135 Can't import demo data more than once unless skip header option is selected to append
KUI-1144 Prevent unnecessary datetime() casting for filtering



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