Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  12 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-853 Fix issue with public downloads after build parallelization
KDEVOPS-855 Fix run_include to exit on error in
KINFRA-1855 In ExternalFilesReader.cpp, improve psv file handling re: pipe delimiter is also kinetica header property delimiter
KINFRA-1876 Don't call addr2line in licensed builds in signal handlers
KOLAP-1878 ExeProcess now waitForPid(120) in thread, then kill -9, and abandon pid
KOLAP-1879 Flush/Fsync indexdb records_info file along with its object store and json metadata according to conf - IndexedDb was reporting missing metadata files and would rescan the TOC to regenerate it each time
KOLAP-2012 Disable projections on raw strings since they only work in a very limited number of cases
KOLAP-2014 Eliminate deadlock in by not calling KERNEL_EXEC_INIT twice from same thread
KOLAP-2021 Enable r-tree acceleration of geo-joins for outer joins - added tests
KOLAP-2024 In create_index_stencil_from_block_stencil_and_indices subschunk the BlockStencil to gather indices into the IndexStencil
KOLAP-2025 Fix raw string aggregates issue on partitioned tables
KOLAP-2028 Fix for not being able to READ a table, if user (or role) has READ permission on the parent collection



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