Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  15 Resolved Issues


KINFRA-1984 Fix TaskReceiver not populating local job id
KINFRA-2008 GaiaSetManager doesn't delete dirs with 'delete_this_table' file until 2x request timeout, bounded by 15 mins and 24 hours
KINFRA-311 Make-gaia-dist better exit from failed build
KOLAP-2063 Retain given alias names for the final select list in queries
KOLAP-2065 Avoid overwriting shadow cube entries by concurrent join/aggregate workers
KOLAP-2066 Fix sorting by st_distancepoints function
KOLAP-2067 Fix when target table has PK, just disable fast path
KOLAP-2069 Fix crash with null producing aggregates with having filters
KOLAP-2074 Implement Worker_primary_key_join_filter.cpp using TimedIndexWorkItemExecutor
KOLAP-2076 Fix over-reporting of foreign key memory usage when the primary key table has more than 1 chunk
KOLAP-2078 Fix primary key lookup table to not point to new chunk-ids and offsets added to pk index after joined set creation   - Worker_primary_key_join_filter.cpp: call constrain_chunk_ids and constrain_indices when primary key index is dirty   - JoindedSet::isDirtyPrimaryKeyIndex - Miscellaneous - remove unused TierExecutionContext parameter from GaiaSet::get_chunk_size   - Add refresh tracers - Fix ViewUtils::get_table_name_from_request
KOLAP-2080 Make sure partitioned tables are not incrementally refreshed
KOLAP-2081 Add a sanity check to avoid a crash in Rank0 aggregate sinking logic. Return the error message with the column/aggr vector is not pre-allocated for sink
KOLAP-2083 Note ResponseDesc->state = DELETED_CACHE_ENTRY when invalidating - and don't add to Resident set in this case
KUI-1199 Allow unselecting Cold/Disk Tiers for better user experience



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