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KDEVOPS-497 Changing useradd flag from -M to -m to create home folder
KDEVOPS-497 Fix gpudb home owned by root
KDEVOPS-497 Switching gpudb user and gpudb_proc user home to /var/lib/gpudb and /var/lib/gpudb_proc
KDEVOPS-497 Switching gpudb user to /var/lib/gpudb
KDEVOPS-687 Added dynamic python version selection based on PYTHON_TARBALL variable on which seds the right version into
KDEVOPS-808 Forced java 1.8 on tomcat start for Gadmin
KDEVOPS-820 Use systemctl to start host manager when available
KDEVOPS- 854 Adjusted maven central repo URL in thrift to https
KDEVOPS-854 Update thrift to 0.13 to fix http/https issue
KDEVOPS-866 Move creation of home dir out of %install in RPM
KECO-1375 Renamed destination tables to fit Kinetica table name and length limit
KECO-1375 Wrapped native pyarrow.parquet.ValueError error in odo.KIOValueError
KECO-1429 Added the --s-drop-malformed-rows flag
KECO-1542 Adding another lowercase inclusion check
KGEO-668 Fix additional geometry memory leaks
KGEO-668 Fix memory leak in st_voronoiPolygons
KGEO-681 EGLRenderer: blend with GL_SRC_OVER_NV
KGEO-681 Enable multisampled (MSAA) rendering
KGEO-681 Update antialiasing conf and WMS option
KGEO-730 Fix empty ('') geometry constants in st_* expressions. WKT parsing now will throw an error if an empty string is passed in instead of returning null
KGEO-731 Fix half-commented out debug log
KGEO-731 Tracks support charN TRACKID columns and date/time/datetime/timestamp TIMESTAMP columns
KGEO-737 Added a fast path for linestring/polygon st_intersection (also multipolygons with 1 polygon). -st_intersection now has an optional 3rd 'fast_path' parameter which defaults to 0 (off). If set to 1 then it will use the optimized path for linestring/poly intersection. -st_intersects fast path handles linestring/multipolygon when the multipolygon has 1 polygon component
KGEO-737 Improvements for geojoins, particularly st_intersects/st_intersection between a linestring and a polygon. -R-tree uses std::vector instead of std::unordered_set for collecting probe results (vector needs to be sorted/uniqued to remove duplicates, but testing showed this was still faster than the set approach. -Conversion from GEOS to Boost uses emplace_back (minimal speedup)
KGEO-740 Disable nv advanced blending
KINFRA-1213 Changes to external files endpoints based on code review
KINFRA-1213 Cleaning code Endpoint_create_external_table and Endpoint_insert_records_from_files
KINFRA-1213 External tables code review changes
KINFRA-1213 Fix to run in parallel mode (skip the test that should only be run serially)
KINFRA-1213 More fixes to to run correctly in parallel mode
KINFRA-1213 Update test_create_external_table.test_abort_quickly
KINFRA-1298 Fix SchedulerTest
KINFRA-1331 Use KernelExecutionHelper for dict helper kernels for proper accounting
KINFRA-1500 Fix memory leak during csv reading of WKTs
KINFRA-1509 Initial commit Add support for reading remote store using external tables
KINFRA-1620 Move "managed" tag for fields from top-level to "value" dict
KINFRA-1620 Use managed containers for viz contour/isochrone endpoints; use managed containers internally for label rendering
KINFRA-1620 Use managed containers for viz heatmap
KINFRA-1620 Use managed containers for viz image/cb/chart/labels endpoints
KINFRA-1686 Add percent_used to resource stats for rank 0
KINFRA-1686 Allow changing rank 0 memory limit via /alter/tier; return rank 0 info via /show/resource/statistics
KINFRA-1686 Basic Rank 0 accounting (mainly group by), misc related accounting fixes and improvements
KINFRA-1686 Fix untracked memory in group by sink
KINFRA-1686 Log errors for untracked process-level RamPool usage
KINFRA-1686 Use rank 0 pool for external table reader
KINFRA-1771 Move control of which jobs time out to endpoints via job_info; remove timeout-related code from workers; time out /execute/sql based on statement type
KINFRA-1781 Always use Algorithm version of thrust ops to avoid weird cub error
KINFRA-1781 Clean up cuda includes; remove dead code
KINFRA-1781 Fix all_test backtraces; remove dead code; globals cleanup
KINFRA-1781 Fix cuda8 build for some of the cuda test apps
KINFRA-1781 Fix GCC 6.5 / cuda 9.2 build
KINFRA-1781 Remove extraneous "choices" property from schema
KINFRA-1781 Use KernelExecutionHelper for dual host/CUDA vector accessor methods; clean up includes for GaiaSetDataContainer hierarchy
KINFRA-1791 Add switch in JsonWrapper to allow for logging user error vice error for malformed document data
KINFRA-1793 External files endpoints: if table exists, read type_id from table
KINFRA-1798 Return error if trying to insert records from files into an existing table, and failing
KINFRA-1805 Fix bug in rename column, for result_table
KINFRA-1805 Silence unused var warning for static init console logger
KINFRA-1805 Static init console logger, add our own GAIA_LOG_LEVEL*, add StringUtils sprintf to string buf
KINFRA-1808 Don't disable watermark eviction when tiering is unlimited/disabled Don't rem out watermark levels in conf
KINFRA-1808 Skip extra read of column metadata, update if out of sync Fix compile warning in gcc 4.8.5
KINFRA-1809 Skip pin check when generating missing stencil metadata Fix broken stencil tests
KINFRA-1813 Use hidden conf parameter to set size of rank 0 ram pool for external file loading
KINFRA-1815 Fix for UDF execution failure on empty chunks
KINFRA-1816 Don't bind GL renderer sync to worker's condition set; force worker to wait until rendering is complete on a cancel (so that the worker doesn't go away out from under the renderer)
KINFRA-1817 Implement "repair_incorrectly_sharded_data option" for /admin/rebalance
KINFRA-1839 Build fix for DiskTierMonitor text change, forgot to commit GaiaSetManager.h
KINFRA-1839 DiskTierMonitor now only looks at text dirs and can be aborted
KINFRA-1839 Don't subtract size of persist tiered objects from DiskTierMonitor size (no longer scan directories that have tiered objects)
KINFRA-1840 Fix custom date/time/datetime formatting
KINFRA-1868 Call SetIndexedDb::initSetIndexedDb for sparse check in TypeObjectManager ctor
KINFRA-1869 IndexedDb uses sparse file accounting if capable instead of file lengths to better estimate disk usage
KINFRA-1869 IndexedDb uses sparse file accounting, add gpudb_conf.json with indexdb_tier_by_file_length option
KINFRA-1869 SetIndexedDb signed compiler warning fix
KINFRA-1921 GaiaSetDeferredDataLoader needs its own TierExecutionContext
KINFRA-1930 SetManager fix missing tables in collections on load and try/catch in clear
KINFRA-1951 Prevent GaiaSetManager from syncing projections during construction or tables that have failed a rebuild
KINFRA-1956 Fix comms 'unblocking jobs' race condition
KINFRA-1958 Add more checks to exit AlertManager thread to avoid hanging
KINFRA-199 Fix regen of hidden conf param allow_cluster_op_with_views
KINFRA-311 make-gaia-dist use parallel --halt soon instead of now to get the logs printed on error
KOLAP-1652 Attribute index supports NULL value
KOLAP-1652 Fix a NULL value index bug when Multihead is on
KOLAP-1652 Sort by v_char4 to make sure get/records/bycolumn returns same results when using different toms
KOLAP-1829 Add new gpudb_cluster --check-config --print-json arg
KOLAP-1829 Create GaiaConfig() of size 0 now and let loading populate it
KOLAP-1829 Fix validating 2 rank conf in GaiaApp and reading conf proc_directory
KOLAP-1900 Add warnings for grant/revokes that will have no effect but are not errors. Combine some duplicated code
KOLAP-1900 Add warnings for System grant/revokes that will have no effect but are not errors. Fix issue where ITER was not granted TABLE READ to public. Added helper functions to reduce duplicated code
KOLAP-1900 Be more tolerant of tables under construction if user didn't explicitly refer to them.
KOLAP-1900 Reduce warnings when user was not explicit for table
KOLAP-1900 Report warnings if user tries to GRANT something that will (obviously) have no effect. Reduce multiple copies of the same string in memory
KOLAP-1913 Rename append_records_table_monitor() as test_append_records_table_monitor() in
KOLAP-1919 Fix lazy loading bugs and fix test to revert the settings of vector loading. Add abortableconditionset for regenPKFK routine to abort the loocks on worker cancel
KOLAP-1919 Implement lazy and on-demand primary key index generation. Disallow circular foreign key references
KOLAP-1951 Don't allow hetrogeneous MASK expressions on the same column of the same table. Code review changes.
KOLAP-1968 Fix show table to not throw errors if table does not exists
KOLAP-1970 Between filter now uses attribute index if it can. Attribute index unary filter now used for equallity expressions if attribute index is on the variable being equated. Attribute index unary filter no longer used for inequality expressions
KOLAP-1970 Fix to take into account recent changes to use of attribute index in the filter-plan
KOLAP-1973 Avoid double sorting on attributes that appear more than once
KOLAP-1976 Reduce number of LEFT JOINs needed in the security SQL
KOLAP-1980 Avoid adding zero sized chunks to JoinedSet
KOLAP-1980 Code cleanup replace constant gaia::BAD_INDEX with equivalent gaia::NULL_INDEX
KOLAP-1981 Add double digits field and use as additional gate to determining if final field type should be float or double.  Fix decimal parsing to produce correct min/max values. Implemented ExactNumericType::convert_check to support this
KOLAP-1981 Added ability to accumulate possible date and time formats temporarily added low level parsing function but consider changing to same functions used to parse CSV file for date/time/datetime and decimal
KOLAP-1981 Added cardinality estimator to FieldDesc
KOLAP-1981 Begin TypeInference.cpp
KOLAP-1981 Better error handling in reading csv files. Added more csv file tests
KOLAP-1981 Change pathnames of files tested in TypeInference,InferTypeforCvsNamedHeaderFileTest to work with fresh checkout
KOLAP-1981 Complete initial implementation and test of createFieldFromFieldDesc may wish to enhance conservative flag that is provide more control of mapping from FieldDesc to Field
KOLAP-1981 Continue filling out TypeInference.cpp
KOLAP-1981 Fix header names with spaces by replacing with '_'.  Add null_count to CardinalityEstimator
KOLAP-1981 Implemented inferTypeForCsvNameHeaderFile not final version of interface
KOLAP-1981 InferTypeForCsvFile deterines if there is a named header  if so uses header for Type field names else field names set to column1, column2, ... Type Fields dictionary encoding attribute inferred
KOLAP-1981 Make some functions const. Remove TypeInferenceTest that used absolute path names
KOLAP-1981 Move TypeInferenceTest to TestApps/ExternalFiles and implement using gtest begin implementing and testing createFieldFromFieldDesc
KOLAP-1981 Remove conservative flag from addAttributeToTypeFromFieldDesc begin doing cardinaltiy estimate change floating point precision decision to use number of digits rather than epsilon also removes trailing 9's as well as trailing 0's from m_digits
KOLAP-1981 Replace datetime parsing with Datetime::CustomDatetimeFormatter parsers. Implemented non-integer Date and Datetime inference. Implemented geometry inference (isGeometry) with modified version of GeometryIOUtils.cpp:createGeometryFromWKT that does not throw on error. Added tests
KOLAP-1981 Reworked inferTypeForCsvNameHeaderFile to produce Type rather than vector of fields.  TestApps/ExternalFiles/TypeInferenceTest reads and verifies inferred types from file /home/kerry/kinetica/gpudb-dev-master/kio/_build/build/kio/kio/tests/regression/_data/csv/alltypes_sanitized.csv
KOLAP-1985 Fix for using restrictions (in some cases) even when user has SYSTEM_READ. Created EndpointRestrictions namespace (based on Code Review suggestions). Other minor code fixes, error message changes and Code Review suggestions.
KOLAP-1986 manually merge olap_table_monitor branch
KOLAP-1990 AttributeIndex.cpp:finalize_stencils_from_attribute_index now creates a temp stencil rather than throwing an error when filter-by-range is called with an empty view_name
KOLAP-1990 Rework AttributeIndex.cpp:finalize_stencils_from_attribute_index to avoid GaiaStencil::swap_from call. Instead polulates that output stencil directly
KOLAP-1991 Added tests and fixes for final_count returned from /create/projection
KOLAP-1991 Better fix for returning counts from Projection and Union in SQL
KOLAP-1991 Fix for correctly returning the count from a SQL Projection (which was causing an issue when doing a sort in GRBC of a restricted table requiring SQL)
KOLAP-1991 Fix for getting the correct projection count for replicated tables when there are multiple TOMs per rank
KOLAP-1991 Fix for Union getting wrong counts. Added tests (to existing
KOLAP-1991 Fixes for SQL Explain plans involving Security tables, and creating Materialized Views on security tables
KOLAP-1991 Rename "final_count" to "count"
KOLAP-1991 SQL improvements to support Row/Column Security edge cases
KOLAP-1993 Fix tier management problem in shadow cube at shutdown by breaking circular dependency in shared pointers.  Insure ResidientSet raw pointers are alway deleted before main cache shared pointers
KOLAP-1997 Add Simplifier for (x == x) and for (x != x)
KOLAP-1997 Add Simplifiers for IN: Convert to == if only one value; Remove duplicate values
KOLAP-1997 Added Simplifier for "NOT 1" => 0 (and "NOT 0" => 1), and some minor code cleanup
KOLAP-2000 /show/table did not show tables if user only had INSERT permission -- now it does
KOLAP-2009 Fix or ignore fallthrough warnings. Currenlty ignore with [[gnu.fallthrough] but will change to a defined GAIA_FALLTHROUGH once appropriate include file is identified
KOLAP-2009 Temporarily (permanently?) Fix gcc version 6 and below warnings on [[gnu::fallthrough]] by adding .h file Utils/Fallthrough.h
KOLAP-2012 Interpret the source table row as per the schema. -Handled the column names with aliases in the projection. -Handled the filter expressions in the create projection. -Modified the internal schema for create_projection_finalize to carry the base column names to the worker
KOLAP-2012 Skip test doing projection with raw strings since that feature has been disabled pending a general fix
KOLAP-2014 Re-enable compound equijoin according to the config
KOLAP-2017 Modified to illustrate problem.  Modified Worker_create_join_table to throw a user requested error during incremental refresh in same way actual error would occur
KOLAP-2018 Note GaiaSets are updated when chunk is actually deleted attempt to avoid incremental refresh with stale chunk-ids
KOLAP-2023 Fix the resharding issue in append/records fast path
KOLAP-2024 Set sub-chunk size used by IndexStencil::create_index_stencil_from_block_stencil_and_indices from JoinedSet sub_chunk_size. Insure that this size is non-zero
KOLAP-2036 Reverted changes that got rid of ai fast path for inequalities. Modified is_ai_rpn so FilterPlanner would not use unary-ai path for expressions with inequalities
KOLAP-2042 For track tables where the shard key isn't specified we automatically set TRACKID to the shard key but now we also update the type properties for TRACKID to reflect that. This should fix the issue with track tables on startup printing out the warning about setting the shard key to TRACKID
KOLAP-2051 Fixed missing cuda-syncs
KOLAP-2056 Do not check security on base tables for DML and let the endpoint do it
KUI-1142 Add option to Calendar slice to ignore global filter to maintain full dataset render
KUI-1143 Add option to Filter slice to sllow single calendar date filter selection
KUI-1148 Handle datetime string type when setting default range minimum
KUI-1148 Simplify configuration for Timeframe slice
KUI-1150 Admin upgrade path no longer needs explicit cluster control call to restart services
KUI-1162 Values with single quote (') break filtering if selected using table/pie charts



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