Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  10 Resolved Issues


KINFRA-1989 init dict_map pointer in ctor
KOLAP-2052 Fix for more security issues with Materialized Views
KOLAP-2052 Fixes for Materialized View security with Row/Column security
KOLAP-2064 Fix for inserting a partial batch if the error happens after the first column, and before the last
KOLAP-2086 Allow materialized views in sql procedures
KOLAP-2095 Improve the efficiency of getting the count of JoinedSets
KOLAP-2098 Query cache changes
KOLAP-2100 Better placement of info message for rollback
KOLAP-2100 Call handleRollback if Endpoint_aggregate_group_by calls to  ep_utils::executeHeadEndpointInternal(insert_results_ep, *this) throw
KOLAP-2102 Fix sharded groupby writing to a result table with datediff/timestampadd with 'day'-like constants. Was missing a normalized step in the rpn generation to convert i.e. 'day' to 4



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