Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  13 Resolved Issues


KGEO-750 Fix uninitialized track stencil value
KGEO-753 Handle null geometries in st_simplify, st_simplifypreservetopology and st_concavehull
KINFRA-2024 Rebuild tables in place: delete corrupt empty chunks
KINFRA-2041 Quote NaN and Infinity values in JSON output (GaiaAvroEncoderUtils)
KINFRA-2041 Quote NaN and Infinity values in JSON output and allow quoted NaN and Infinity values in JSON input (JsonEncoding)
KINFRA-2058 If a rank 0 RAM limit is not specified, add a prompting comment to the conf
KOLAP-2125 Add parameter to GaiaStencil::populate_from_indices to optionally filter out the NULL_INDEX.  Set to true when called by JoinedSetChunk::get_bitmasks_for_attribute
KOLAP-2125 Change GaiaStencil::populate_from_indices parameter check_for_null_index to not have a default value
KOLAP-2125 Corrected fix to function GaiaStencil.cpp::populate_from_indices
KOLAP-2131 Restrict view/sql proc creation on tables with row/column restrictions
KOLAP-2132 Fix Worker_between_join_filter and Worker_unary_join_filter to not classify filter as all_true if its all_false and to not save stencils to cache if not a computationally intensive filter
KOLAP-2135 Add a decorator to skip test when planner is not running
KOLAP-2135 Fix a crash accessing column names vector with out of bounds



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