Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  9 Resolved Issues


CORE-68 Add binutils to make-gaia-deb and make-gaia-rpm, we need addr2line
KDEVOPS-955 Check return status on run_include calls in
KDEVOPS-955 Output which run_include failed on termination
KGEO-735 Fix track value expression parsing. Added test
KGEO-766 LOD: guard against out-of-bounds access into geom collection
KINFRA-2094 Add rebalance lock in Multihead Insert Records endpoint before getting job id and starting processing
KINFRA-2094 Assign locally generated job_ids (with the Rank number) for multihead jobs to prevent overlap with Rank 0 Jobs
KOLAP-1986 Fix worker topic id mismatch bug
KOLAP-1986 Save to file properly when unregisterTopic, fix some logging to DEBUG level



None currently


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