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KINFRA-1686 Use 1 MB for worker rank endpoint pool block size; fix clear table test to recognize endpoint pool
KINFRA-2116 Block new table using a type_id w/text_search attributes when text is disabled - Verify text search attributes on workers before adding records to IndexedDb - Added reproducer - test_restart_text_search - Fix failing test_create_table when text-search enabled
KINFRA-2127 Add max_json_string_length param to /get/records/fromcollection
KOLAP-2189 Added a simplified for stxy_within(x,y,<polygon_constant>) --> xy_intersectsv(x,y,{x_vector},{y_vector}) to take advantage of the GPU for simple point-in-polygon calculations
KUI-1264 Graph UI: accurate_snap not getting reset when history reloaded
KUI-1271 Support new character length limit option for get/records/fromcollection to view table data



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