Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  8 Resolved Issues


KINFRA-2127 Fix max_json_string_length for nullable persisted values
KINFRA-2129 Account for intermediate geometries in evaluator
KINFRA-2133 Recreate chunk skip indexes on tables on new ranks
KOLAP-2189 Fix memory leak in stxy_within simplifier
KOLAP-2190 Fixed deduplicate names returned by SetManager::get_materialized_view_members_to_create_at_startup - avoids trying to recreate member already created which was causing a segfault
KOLAP-2195 Fix /get/records/byseries (track selection) to work for non-raw-string (i.e. charN) trackids
KUI-1271 Support new character length limit option for get/records/fromcollection to view table data
KUI-1278 Reveal: Float fields being sorted alphabetically in 3d dashboards



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