Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  17 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-913 Added validation for persist folder before changing password
KGEO-777 Fixed out-of-bounds vector axis in Cairo track rendering
KINFRA-1581 Fix failing tests with invalid dependencies - Change IDB delete log to DEBUG
KINFRA-2150 Fixed Numa, don't bail out if no numa nodes allowed (docker non priv)
KINFRA-2154 Fix GaiaLucenePP widestring exception conversion, was taking address of temp
KINFRA-2164 Fix erroneous ranking value during create RG and Improve validations for create/alter RG
KINFRA-2173 Regenerate IDB metadata whenever the full TOC is validated
KINFRA-2174 Add group name to error log
KINFRA-2174 Fix WI thread dying if rgroup thread grab throws
KOLAP-2210 Fix for paging table error. It is possible that the paging table exists in the system, but the query plan get purged due to less usage. In that case, it is better to clear the table and recreate if needed
KOLAP-2212 Fix for many older endpoints not working with row/column-level security
KOLAP-2214 Prevent /aggregate/k/means from operating on table if the user has row/column level restrictions
KOLAP-2218 Fix missing cuda sync during asof join processing
KOLAP-2219 Add tests to validate the sql plan has user given window expressions
KOLAP-2223 Increase default stack size for planner threads
KOLAP-2224 structural changes purge the table's chunk cache entries
KOLAP-2235 description of fix



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