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KDEVOPS-1012 Better Java8 search logic in start script
KGEO-759 Enable support for linestring/multilinestrings in st_dissolve()
KGEO-720 Added max_trip_cost option to /match/graph for match_supply_demand solver type to restrict trip between stops except from/to the origin default is zero, i.e., no check for max trip cost
KGEO-764 Added an option to /match/graph's markov_chain solve option as 'filter_folding_paths' if true (non-default) it removes folded over paths from the sequences during the optimization stage but also costs extra computation time
KGEO-769 Don't use major/minor as var names in EGLRenderer.cpp or anywhere else defined in <sys/sysmacros.h>
KGEO-769 Don't use major/minor as var names in EglTest or anywhere else defined in <sys/sysmacros.h>
KGEO-769 Fix for EGL initialization, this should not ever crash the rank
KGEO-778 Fixed issue where contour plots where failing when auto-adjust levels enabled
KINFRA-2125 Read stencil if exists for deleted records
KINFRA-2138 Restrict resource group/stat endpoints to admin users
KINFRA-2179 add option --replicated_tables_only
KINFRA-2179 if rank0 files are corrupt or do not exist, continue reading from worker ranks
KOLAP-1789 Added test for creating foreign keys with restart allows creating tables, restarting and then checking all tables, or in separate steps with command line options
KOLAP-2179 Removed restriction that iterator filter plans cannot have upper bound expression containing an iterator Iterator plans are only created when all iterators in upper bound expression have been already bound Iterators with upper-bounds that are circularly dependent continue to set the iterator to have size of 1
KOLAP-2204 Allow Endpoint_create_projection to make projections of JoinedSets with persisted raw strings. Modify GaiaSet::create_avro_object to handle mixed chunk-ids (occurs when join is to multichunk primary key table havig raw strings that are added to the projection).  Test projections with different chunk-sizes and replication
KOLAP-2204 Fix problem with multiple step join with iterators in each step Add circular dependent iterator check to FilterPlanner
KOLAP-2204 Modified the test as Joinsets are allowed in the persisted projections with raw strings
KOLAP-2204 Notes in Endpoint_create_projection of where we have to remove error checks to allow join tables with raw strings tests immediate problem and has additional checks we can enable for joined sets GPUManager  sequestereds out ki_record_id_attrs separately when creating trpn-info. added new functions to create host_info for ki_record_id_attrs to both schedule and schedule_join. schedule_join ones tested but then disabled with the Endpoint_create_projection error checks previously mentioned. GaiaSet and JoinedSetChunk insert_union_records calls to schedule functions now passed GPU_MANAGER_STRING_ATTRS.  Believe this is not necessary as we don't use the string attributes returned GaiaSet create_avro_records now passed TypePtr instead of using source_table_name as this was not working for JoinedSets. changed all the places create_avro_records was called to either pass the source table typeptr (one place) or the nullptr
KOLAP-2213 Clear m_valid_tables in Endpoint_get_records_by_column_internal so that /append/records (which reuses an Ep_grbci object over and over again) doesn't keep appending onto m_valid_tables which causes it to slow down over many batches
KOLAP-2214 If endpoint doesn't support Join tables, don't support restricted tables either
KOLAP-2216 When deleting partition, delete records from primary key index
KOLAP-2819 Extend stxy_within simplifier to cover stxy_contains/stxy_containsproperly



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