Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  10 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-1017 Update gpudb script to wait for head port on start
KDEVOPS-1018 Move libgfortran dependency to UDF thirdparty
KGEO-743 Enable shape rendering past antimeridian
KINFRA-2180 Fix rgroupMgr not thread safe
KINFRA-2185 Worker_get_set_internal, make /get/records resilient in handling chunks in middle with zero size, was going into infinite loop
KINFRA-2186 Set max_cpu_concurrency minimum 4
KOLAP-2239 Removed unused 'track_count_map', 'track_bounds_map', 'bounds_rect' members from GaiaSet. Previously these were used to maintain per-track information (number of records, bounding box). But they have not been maintained
KOLAP-2240 Restrict persisted projections with raw strings on JoinedSets
KOLAP-2241 Added cuda sync (gaia_cuda::do_sync() function) to Worker_predicate_equijoin in code path that produced and empty index
KUI-1281 Calendar slice does not show correct tooltip for metrics other than COUNT(*)



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