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KDEVOPS-955 Check return status on run_include calls in
KDEVOPS-955 Output which run_include failed on termination
KGEO-729 Added the 'accurate_snaps' option to the /solve/graph for projecting to nearest edges/nodes and proportionate weights to be taken into account in the solve cost (default=true)
KGEO-735 Fix track value expression parsing. Added test
KGEO-750 Avoid renderer call when no tracks
KGEO-754 Add in the 'Clipper' library to accelerate st_union, st_intersection, st_difference of polygons/multipolygons
KGEO-755 Fix iteration over lod partition map when it contains an empty element
KGEO-757 Fix cpu convolutions for heatmap for images smaller than kernel
KGEO-757 Relax wms min image size constraints
KGEO-759 Enable support for linestring/multilinestrings in st_dissolve. Note that this uses GEOS and can be quite slow as the complexity of the geometries increases
KGEO-760 Implement st_polygonize geospatial aggregate function. This function operates across a set of linestring/multilinestring geometries (other geometries are ignored) and produces an output geometry collection containing all possibly polygons that can be formed by the input line network
KGEO-766 LOD: guard against out-of-bounds access into geom collection
KGEO-771 st_dissolve() uses GEOS for unioning. Added new st_dissolveoverlapping() function which will use Clipper for polygon/polygon unioning
KINFRA-1620 Backport encoder improvements and fixes
KINFRA-1620 Fix untracked multihead insert
KINFRA-1620 New managed avro containers
KINFRA-1620 Use 1 MB block size for worker pools to potentially reduce tier manager calls
KINFRA-199 Clear cluster operation status from GR/GM if HM holds a stale status
KINFRA-2094 Add rebalance lock in Multihead Insert Records endpoint before getting job id and starting processing
KINFRA-2094 Assign locally generated job_ids (with the Rank number) for multihead jobs to prevent overlap with Rank 0 Jobs
KINFRA-2098 Account for messages received from communicator at rank 0
KINFRA-2098 Account for messages received from communicator at worker ranks; fix various problems this causes
KINFRA-1620 Convert create_projection_pre_finalize_response to use managed containers
KINFRA-2098 Fix clear table test to handle accounting changes
KINFRA-2104 Metrics show table shouldn't reuse endpoint, fixes memory leak
KOLAP-1919 More reliably detect conf not found condition to prevent lazy load test from hanging
KOLAP-1986 Fix worker topic id mismatch bug
KINFRA-1986 Save to file properly when unregisterTopic, fix some logging to DEBUG level, fix some typo
KOLAP-2146 st_difference() changed to a function that can return NULL which it does if geos function throws. ParserSimplifier now correctly classifies expressions with null-producing functions as nullable
KOLAP-2150 Move check that we can delete the table during rename forward before we modify tables on the workers
KOLAP-2152 Fix chunk id while accessing the string column values from IndexDB
KOLAP-2152 Get the proper chunk id with KI_RECORD_ID() when a table has deleted chunks
KOLAP-2153 Filter key now created correctly for right primary key join
KOLAP-2171 When doing a create_join_table do chunk skipping of input JoinedSets in the JoinedSet constructor conditions apply
KOLAP-2173 Fix segfault when doing primary key join where right side of join involves multiple primary key sets



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