Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  14 Resolved Issues


KGEO-761 Fix st_distance() results for points very close to lines by relaxing the tiny value checks in normalizing vectors
KGEO-762 Fix duplicate shapes in LodTree
KGEO-776 Fix crash when checking expressions with large WKTs to see if there are window functions - the window function regex was crashing probably due to recursive backtracking
KINFRA-1085 capture fuser -v /dev/nvidia* too
KINFRA-2094 Update DiskTierMgr to ignore multihead jobs
KINFRA-2147 Fix crash with exceeds watermark at startup
KINFRA-2149 GaiaParams allow'' empty string in middle of list to support remove rank
KINFRA-2149 Support reading conf with removed ranks in middle or at end of list
KINFRA-2150 Update worker numa node selection, balance ranks across nodes if all gpus on same one. Intel workers round-robin nodes is more ranks than nodes, else no preference. cp from master
KOLAP-2199 Simplified creation and use of JoinedSetUnaryChunker, pinning of input BitmaskStencils now done on chunk by chunk basis
KOLAP-2199 Use JoineSetUnaryChunker rather than GaiaSetChunker to get ResponseCachesPTr
KOLAP-2202 Fix for hang on inserting records;  Avoid crash for empty string (when vector checks are enabled)
KOLAP-2204 Fix problem in GPUMAnager create_join_mem_block_map where if only attributes are ki_record_id attributes it exits early
KOLAP-2204 Throw user error when projection uses raw string in expression



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