Kinetica Release Notes

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KDEVOPS-1017 Fix gpudb script gpudb_is_running to return 0/1 and callers only check that it's 0, anything else is error
KINFRA-2104 Update Endpoint_show_table to pass values to StatsLogger after schema changes
KOLAP-2251 Fix to allow aggregate/join/union as final ddl step in execute procedure sql statement
KOLAP-2255 Query caching test update as query caching enabled for single table filters
KOLAP-2259 Removed gap in chunk-vector-lock during JoinedSet construction between determining number of chunks and populating the GaiaSetChunkDataPtr vectors
KOLAP-2259 Fix recalculate the number of chunks in JoinedSet::extend_chunks
KOLAP-2260 Added 5 KERNEL_EXEC_SYNCHRONIZE calls to early return points. Also did earlier chunk-skipping in equi_join_block
KUI-1314 Drop table permissions column from users/roles table not practical even with few tables
KUI-1318 Security fix for exposing paths on error
KUI-1319 Graph and planner users should have System check in users list



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