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KGEO-788 Added 'image_encoding' option to visualize_image_chart_request to support base64 encoding of the image response to aid in operation under JSON serialization
KINFRA-2213 Add new rgroup unit test from master
KINFRA-2224 Added table name to IndexedDb errors message body - fix intermittent test failures due to sparse file accounting - Fix gcc 4.8 compile warning
KOLAP-2264 Fix GPUMAnager segfault do to attempting to std::move out of the same vector to multiple destinations when remapping index-db raw-string map to GPUHelper attribute_to_string map
KOLAP-2275 Hide the SQL text in gpudb.log if it contains password
KOLAP-2279 Fix per code review comment
KOLAP-2279 Update user job data for periodic sql procedures
KOLAP-2283 Fix casting of large quoted numeric strings to long values
KUI-1332 Add ability to copy SQL from the Jobs Page in GAdmin retaining the \n character 
KUI-1333 Long, timestamp with the minimum value shows up wrong
KUI-1335 Update scatterplot slice to leverage new visualize image chart option to pre-encode image data response
KUI-1336 Display more info about a SQL procedure in UI
KUI-1340 Update records not skipping bytes columns when null is checked before saving
KUI-1344 Handle "/" check for imports if somehow external_files_direcory ever allows it



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