Kinetica Release Notes

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KDEVOPS-1055 Remove fuse-devel from dependencies
KDEVOPS-1055 Remove psmisc from package deps
KINFRA-2230 Fix for calculation of number of records recovered after repair that was failing a sanity check - Calculation wasn't taking into account size of files not in need of repair - Didn't fail the repair but it was a false negative - Fix potential error calculating the header offset value if last entry was tombstoned - Fix case where repaired files weren't clearing their flag if all entries were discarded - Summarize range of deleted and invalidated TOC entries per file in fewer log messages
KINFRA-2230 Add fifo add lock in rebuild table, to protect a chunk from inserts during rebuild
KINFRA-2238 Don't check gpu count when validating license
KINFRA-2240 Don't save the table info when deleting each chunk, save it once at the end. Adds ScopedFileSync
KINFRA-2247 Fix locking in SetMonitor. Mutations were only being protected by a readlock which led to crashes when run with multiple toms
KINFRA-2248 Fix crash in /get/records/byseries due to empty results after a certain level of processing
KOLAP-2290 Table monitors are initialized on the worker ranks at startup
KOLAP-2291 Rename/clear table needs to update table monitor in workers
KOLAP-2298 Supports logical views on materialized views. Query caching works with logical views if only periodic views refer in them. Add tests verifying /clear/table on base table drops the dependent logical views, mvs and all above
KOLAP-2299 When specifying shard key, alias should take precedence over column
KUI-1350 Fix for graph axis labels containing spaces displays + or - for the spaces in Reveal
KGEO-7922 EGL initialize the None track marker



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