Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  9 Resolved Issues


KGEO-811 Remove LOD partition grid
KGEO-812 Use mercator projection for spherical/spheroid st_buffer calculation when the shape spans more than 12 degrees of longitude (and thus UTM would lead to skewed results)
KINFRA-2314 Make CommunicatorUtils::getNextJobId() wrap around when it gets to 32 bit signed int max, first cut at fix
KINFRA-2314 Fix in CU::getNextJobId(), avoids using a mutex
KOLAP-2394 Fix for security involving other tables which the target user does not have access to.  Added test
KOLAP-2398 Fix for inaccessible table after failed rename
KOLAP-2401 Fix for correctly getting security from a collection assigned to a role
KOLAP-2407 Fix for unexpected tokens in IN clause (evaluating as variables)
KUI-1403 External auth issue due to not encoding passwords with '&' correctly client-side



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