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  •  Resolved Issues: 94
  •  New Features Added or Enhanced: 11


KECO-1447 Added support for ; delimited ha_ring_head_nodes
KECO-1447 Added support for http response based ha failover
KECO-1447 Changed 'ha_ring_head_nodes' to 'ha_ring_head_nodes_full'
KECO-1447 Converted the ha sync override modes to use the new syntax for header and values
KECO-1696 Fixed support for 'bytes' type in the Python API
KECO-1698 Fixed GPUdbTable.get_records_by_key() with dicts
KECO-1709 Fixed GPUdbTable static methods for 7.1 schemas
KECO-1726 Fixed GPUdbTable.alter_table name updates
KECO-1737 Removed exception throw on server-client version mismatch
KECO-1781 Fixed bug with GPUdbTable.insert_records() for stringified numerics
KECO-1784 Fixed GPUdbIngestor bug introduced recently
KECO-1784 GPUdbIngestor and RecordRetriever to use the c-extension encoder and decoder instead of the python ones
KECO-1789 Fixed '\U'->'\u' conversion issue for json encoding
KECO-1790 GPUdbTable name generators use _ instead of -
KECO-503 Changed the main message processing loop; updated the examples and the test config file
KECO-503 Rectified some bugs in handling config values; enhanced the test cases; modified the test configs
KECO-503 Simplified the main processing loop and refactored parts of the code into smaller private methods
KECO-503 TableMonitor - Added HA test, run with Pytest with manual verification from the logs
KECO-503 TableMonitor - Added QueuedGPUdbTableMonitor for Python 3+
KECO-503 TableMonitor - Added tenacity as a requirement
KECO-503 TableMonitor - Introduced parameterized fixtures, dynamic test_ids and modified the tests to use the fixtures so that dynamic parameters can be handled
KECO-503 TableMonitor - Updated readme and Updated examples
KECO-503 TableMonitor tests - Happy path pytest test for table monitor, further tests are being added, documentation to follow
KGEO-716 Change default range used for depth-dependent rendering
KGEO-716 Fix handling of transparency around point markers
KGEO-721 Added new options for truck reuse and additional constraint over the total routing cost of any truck for the supply demand solver of match/graph endpoint
KGEO-743 Fix WMS rendering of single point tracks
KGEO-793 Return an error (UERR) if st_area produces negative results (similar to how we handle divide-by-zero)
KGEO-798 Enabled match/graph multi-core ability to run thousands of trips in a multi-core fashion, the new option 'max_num_threads' added to cap the threads used if specified
KGEO-800 Alter precision limit for shape rendering
KGEO-802 /insert/symbol SVG path color is handled as RRGGBB instead of BBGGRR format
KGEO-803 EGL draw track lines in more cases
KGEO-804 Defunc solve option 'incremental_weighted' is removed from the /match/graph/ endpoint
KGEO-805 Track rendering uses dict encoded TRACKIDs
KGEO-807 Add dateline wrapping for more cases
KINFRA-856 /alter/sys/props fixes: fix network_speed, return updated properties in response, validate execution_mode
KINFRA-1213 External files consistent err msg on create type for different loading modes
KINFRA-2259 Add try/catch in EPJobWrapper dtor
KINFRA-2240 Check if hasPersistFile in
KINFRA-2258 Support per-request endpoint timeouts Merge job timeout and cancellation approaches Better handling of global endpoint options in ParamsUtils Eliminate managed options support from ParamsUtils (never used) Adjust endpoint cancellable/default timeout settings to hopefully be consistent with SQL Remove last vestiges of user_auth_string
KINFRA-2259 Fix sigterm to multi-tom worker hangs worker
KINFRA-2259 Revert HM checking mode vice status on shutdown
KINFRA-2260 CMakeLists add -march=corei7-avx to gcc. gpudb script checks for avx in proc/cpuinfo, update gpudb script avx check value in based on CXXFLAGS
KINFRA-2260 Don't use avx, use -march-corei7 for now
KINFRA-2279 Unify logging of job id to make it easier to search through logs; now it will always be logged as 'Jobid:<jobid>' with no space after the colon. SQL errors include the job id
KINFRA-2280 Backport ManagedBuffer and various Avro/RamPool fixes to 7.0
KINFRA-2281 Account for GaiaSetCache
KINFRA-2295 Allow access_key_id and secret_access_key to be empty when defining an S3 cold storage tier Allow the credentials and/or environment variables to apply by default and only use the keys in the conf if specified
KINFRA-2297 Resize derived data structs in GaiaConfig based on highest numbered rank, not number of active ranks
KINFRA-2214 Final version of fix in CU::getNextJobId(), skips job ids [0,10)
KINFRA-2215 Fix res groups lost if worker restarts
KINFRA-2322 Update WIExec to abort if count goes negative
KINFRA-2331 Restrict /admin/alter/conf, /admin/show/conf and /logger to admin users; fix segfault when no ranks passed to /logger
KOLAP-1729 Remove stringdb persist if found on startup
KOLAP-2168 Create projection can now refer to a column in order_by which is not present in the column list
KOLAP-2229 Fix another multi-chunk primary key test
KOLAP-2298 Cleanup unused code with logical view security
KOLAP-2303 Check for zero interval to avoid divide by zero also allow users to specify negative intervals
KOLAP-2329 Avoid scanning entire shadow cube entries when invalidating non-cached tables
KOLAP-2329 Fix initialization of m_table_set
KOLAP-2342 Return error from /show/security if user or role doesn't exist
KOLAP-2144 /show/security includes roles (recursively).  Updated tests for new behaviors
KOLAP-2343 Honor keep_temp_tables hint using sql query plan
KOLAP-2345 Change attribute function error logs to user-error logs
KOLAP-2351 Implement EndpointRestrictions::getRestrictedCreateJoinTableRequest to fold in grant filters into join where possible and create temp tables as before where not
KOLAP-2343 Honor keep_temp_tables hint using sql query plan
KOLAP-2351 Implement EndpointRestrictions::getRestrictedCreateJoinTableRequest to fold in grant filters into join where possible and create temp tables as before where not
KOLAP-2353 Fix /filter/bybox and /filter/byarea to work properly on already filtered tables. Before the kernel was calculating the box/area filter on the original data and then ANDing the result with the previously existing stencil. Now it will first remove all points coming from the existing filter before applying the box/area filter. In addition the filters now work for all datatypes
KOLAP-2363 Remove redundant replace after (newly modified) prefix_name
KOLAP-2364 Disallow invalid view name and SQL procedure name based on gpudb naming rules
KOLAP-2365 Allow dot in table names in grant/revoke statement
KOLAP-2366 Fix issue with raw string and window function on persisted projections by properly updating the Type for the projection
KOLAP-2372 /filter/bybox and /filter/byarea on tracks use dict-encoded trackid when possible. For large charN trackids the speedup is 10x-20x
KOLAP-2373 Fix error in FilterByBoundsKernel did not work with derived attributes
KOLAP-2373 Implement dictionary encoded chunk skipping for equality, inequality and in-clause expressions
KOLAP-2373 Unary filter simplification of dictionary encoded variable expressions of form x = constant, x != constant and x in (constant1,...,constantN)
KOLAP-2375 Fix for updating PKs using /update/records by a user with only TABLE_UPDATE permission
KOLAP-2379 Add warnings when issuing GRANTS when authorization is off.  Also include a new line in /show/security when authorization is off
KOLAP-2386 Cherry-pick test from master. Make sure query cache works fine with raw strings and order by
KOLAP-2387 Fix decimal-to-int conversion to round instead of truncate
KOLAP-2391 Fix BlockStencil::Iterator::set_position function to work correctly for pos == 0
KOLAP-2403 Allow partitioning on TRACK tables. The only allowable partitioning schemes currently are HASH partitioning on TRACKID and automatic LIST partitioning on TRACKID
KOLAP-2403 Fix test failure due to error message change
KOLAP-2409 Update test to handle parametrized variables in aggregate/union/join
KOLAP-2410 Performance problem fixed do not mark outer join as having multiple dimensions if outer side is joined by primary key joins
KOLAP-2412 Generalize useless cast simplifier to remove more useless casts that appear in predicates
KOLAP-2414 Fix bug handing expressions like 'x in ('a','b','c') and y in ('d','e','f') when both x and y are dict encoded
KOLAP-2416 Remove wkt hashes when having filter is applied at worker group by processing
KOLAP-2428 During SetManager::get_tables_to_clear, verify materialized view table still exists before erasing
KOLAP-2429 View creation at restart no longer stops after first view creation failure
KOLAP-2373 FilterByBoundsKernel on dictionary encoded variable uses dictionary path when lower and upper bounds are equal
KUI-1008 Add anti-aliasing option for WMS rendering in Map Slice
KUI-1386 Changes to /show/security behavior handling bad username breaks external auth login for Reveal
KUI-1395 Reveal Allow full SQL queries with Big Numbers and Pie slices
KUI-1398 Add ability to override protocol (http/https) for proxy URLs in
KUI-1400 Improve auto-login feature to be more secure



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