Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  16 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-1083 Updated Kilogger password
KDEVOPS-1153 - optionally take pwd as environment variable
KDEVOPS-1154 Added changes to data.conf and httpd.conf
KINFRA-1213 Add vector bounds check
KINFRA-2109 Fix worker_scan_external_file split file with 2 lines
KINFRA-2223 In HostManagerMain, on shutdown ensure that all HM-managed processes across the cluster are shut down before putting the cluster into the stopped state
KINFRA-2357 Allow insert_fromfile with subtask_concurrency_limit = 1
KOLAP-2451 Return error if trying to update a PK on a non-persisted table
KOLAP-2459 Fix for simultaneous SQL DDL statements.  Gateway is now specific for the tables being created, and supports SQL Procedures that act on multiple tables
KOLAP-2459 Re-write the SqlDdlPipeline using AbortableCondition
KOLAP-2459 Simplify code based on Code Review comments
KOLAP-2459 Add new parameter in query plan to hold new object names
KOLAP-2466 Fix crash adding in new partitions (range or non-automatic list) after a restart due to certain partition data structures not being rehydrated at startup
KOLAP-2470 Replace calls to ParserUtils::get_type with ParserUtils::get_evaluated_type also added test showing problem
KUI-1436 Check for failed untar during reveal-slice-install
KUI-1442 Support Timezone configuration for kisql calls



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