GAdmin Column Stats displays “Should not be Dict Encoded”

Incident Synopsis:

Gadmin Column Stats displays “Should not be Dict Encoded”



The warning is displayed when displaying columns Stats in GAdmin.

Reproduction steps: GAdmin -> Data -> Tables -> Select a Table -> Stats.

Some columns under Notes is saying “Should not be Dict Encoded”.

What does it mean, and what should it be changed to?



Kinetica On-prem 7.x



Dictionary encoding is eligible for individual columns of the following effective types:

  • int
  • long
  • date
  • char1 – char256

On the other hand, columns with any of the following characteristics are not eligible for dictionary encoding:

  • Any effective types other than the above
  • Column with store_only data handling property
  • Column with compression
  • Column is member of an existing primary key or shard key; i.e. dictionary encoding cannot be applied to primary key or shard key columns after table creation.
  • Dictionary encoded column is not eligible for use in filtered view or join view



It is recommended not to enable dictionary encoding on the column where the above warning is displayed.

To disable dictionary encoding, from GAdmin you go to Data -> Tables -> click the table name -> Config.

Please uncheck checkbox under Dict Enc of the particular column then click Apply.


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