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KDEVOPS-1192 Adding ListenBacklog directive
KINFRA-1686 Add shadow cube to clear table test exclusion list
KINFRA-2099 Replace all -1 timeouts in GR with 120s
KINFRA-2419 Fix failed IndexedDb repair when file empty - Repair, and subsequently rebuild, would fail if the header or TOC seek/read failed - Allow the table rebuild process to automatically delete the chunk if is irrecoverable - Fix div by 0 crash when sparse check fails (full disk)
KINFRA-2425 Fix slowdown on multihead requests
KINFRA-2425 Log at shutdown if JobManager local job ID list is not empty
KOLAP-2525 Deadlock with QueryPlanCache. Erase of a partially cached entry( The insert part was not completed yet by other thread) caused the issue. The fix to apply proper locking in the erase() and let exceptions not clear the cached entries
KOLAP-2531 MV is not built properly if not was moved to a different collection before restart. Every MV object has request_avro saved and it it was not updating the collection name which is used as a sanity check at restart. The fix is to update the collection name of the MV request json, in alter_table::move_to()
KUI-1156 Improve error handling/messaging coverage
KUI-1467 Role permissions page does not cover sql procedures



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