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  •  Resolved Issues: 81
  •  New Features Added or Enhanced: 11


KDEVOPS-1153 Add --from-file to
KGEO-808 Add class break option for point transparency
KGEO-808 Avoid placement-new unique ptr construction
KGEO-825 compatibility fix for older compilers
KGEO-825 Modify classbreak expression generation
KGEO-828 Updated /solve/create tests to use valid components combination
KGEO-835 Implemented st_force2d/st_force3d functions. st_force2d removed the z component of WKTs; st_force3d sets the z-component of a 2d WKT to a specified value (defaults to 0)
KGEO-845 st_partition processing will limit the number of iterations in the partitioner to guard against OOM due to invalid geometries
KGEO-846 Validate precision argument in st_geohash
KINFRA-1213 Fix test_insert_from_file.test_init_with_now
KINFRA-1213 Update skip test when path not found
KINFRA-1387 Add vector range checks to GaiaCudaUtils::fillGPUAssignmentFromRankInfoCluster()
KINFRA-2314 Final version of fix in CU::getNextJobId(), skips job ids [0,10)
KINFRA-2315 Fix res groups lost if worker restarts
KINFRA-2322 Update WIExec to abort if count goes negative
KINFRA-2331 Restrict /admin/alter/conf, /admin/show/conf and /logger to admin users; fix segfault when no ranks passed to /logger
KINFRA-2381 Fix alter table column failure on empty chunks
KINFRA-2387 Set dealloc policy to unpin for temporary dict vector instead of relying on manual evict call
KINFRA-2394 Disable cancellation of the clear table endpoint
KINFRA-748 Deb package doesn't dep on krb5-user to avoid dialog asking default realm. Centos doesn't ask
KINFRA-748 Make ubuntu krb5-user and centos krb5-workstation rpm dependencies for to run kinit
KOLAP-2059 Fix compiler warnings in MultiMapIndex.cpp. Increase number of records used in benchmark_multihead_lookup_inequality
KOLAP-2059 Fix more compiler warnings in MultiMapIndex.cpp
KOLAP-2059 Fix problem with intersecting indices from multiple comparisons when some of the indices are empty
KOLAP-2059 Improve performance of multihead lookup attribute-indexed record retrieval particularly between expressions
KOLAP-2059 In createSelectExpressionStencils.cpp:convert_fast_lookup_and_to_fast_lookup_indices change some assigns to object to assign to reference
KOLAP-2067 Fix the bug of inserting duplicate PK values into target table
KOLAP-2097 Fix memory corruption issue with multiple toms per rank. Worker_filter::request was being modified by the workers and causing memory corruption. So added a thread_context
KOLAP-2097 No need to keep thread_context in Worker_filter instead a local variable to hold the non_temp_view name to fix the earlier memory corruption
KOLAP-2097 Periodic refresh of materialized views do not reset the ttl. Filter/Jointable/Groupby always generate temp table name for refreshes, but the Workers extract the original names and refresh
KOLAP-2247 append/records fast path support store_only columns
KOLAP-2248 append/records fast path supports unlimited string
KOLAP-2248 Fix a bug in append/records fast path supports unlimited string
KOLAP-2248 Fix a small bug of counting unlimited string length
KOLAP-2277 /clear/table all deletes the iter table entries from the chunkcache
KOLAP-2297 Fix problem with multiple SQL Creates at the same time
KOLAP-2297 Pass is_replicated in ParserParams
KOLAP-2297 Simplify Parameter Passing for Parsing functions
KOLAP-2324 Reset JOIN_NULLABLE property for outer joined sets part of inner joins
KOLAP-2349 Move pinning/unpinning records outside the loop in copy_record function
KOLAP-2382 /update/records should pass along update_on_existing_pk to /insert/records. Better reporting for count of records updated and inserted.
KOLAP-2398 Fix for inaccessible table after failed rename
KOLAP-2401 Fix for correctly getting security from a collection assigned to a role
KOLAP-2403 Allow partitioning on TRACK tables. The only allowable partitioning schemes currently are HASH partitioning on TRACKID and automatic LIST partitioning on TRACKID
KOLAP-2407 Fix for unexpected tokens in IN clause (evaluating as variables)
KOLAP-2409 Update test to handle parametrized variables in aggregate/union/join
KOLAP-2410 Performance problem fixed do not mark outer join as having multiple dimensions if outer side is joined by primary key joins
KOLAP-2411 out-of-range inequality simplifications implemented for int8, int16 and int variable types
KOLAP-2412 Generalize useless cast simplifier to remove more useless casts that appear in predicates
KOLAP-2414 Fix bug handing expressions like 'x in ('a','b','c') and y in ('d','e','f') when both x and y are dict encoded
KOLAP-2416 Remove wkt hashes when having filter is applied at worker group by processing
KOLAP-2422 Better use of BINARY and JSON string constants, and case-insensitive comparisons. Added test case
KOLAP-2428 During SetManager::get_tables_to_clear, verify materialized view table still exists before erasing
KOLAP-2429 View creation at restart no longer stops after first view creation failure
KOLAP-2457 Add more tests implement linear find_range search for number of ranges less than 10 fixed bug in binary search
KOLAP-2457 Benchmark find_range changed to always use binary search added 'host' function that forces evaluation of expression on the host
KOLAP-2457 Fix find_range_function binary search algorithm
KOLAP-2457 Implement find_range and case_range functions
KOLAP-2458 Add some more expected errors to fuzzer's list
KOLAP-2458 Fix for inserting records with conflicting primary keys and also geometry columns
KOLAP-2459 Add new parameter in query plan to hold new object names
KOLAP-2459 Include SQL Procedures in the Pipeline
KOLAP-2460 Don't allow /get/records/bycolumn with both unrestricted strings and window functions
KOLAP-2464 Prepare_mode statements wont refresh result cache - SQL statement will be trimmed to remove the white space before processing
KOLAP-2472 Fix for user doing update without READ permission, updating a non-nullable column using expressions. Also combined duplicate code
KOLAP-2474 When a worker receives a create table request, if a table already exists with the same name, clear the old table
KOLAP-2484 Initial implementation of 'product' aggregate and window functions. For window functions only default framing is supported for now
KOLAP-2499 Fix permission check for * case, block creating procedure if user does not have permission on given schema
KOLAP-2500 Rollback modifications to dict vectors when the reserve called from GaiaSet::increase_capacity_if_needed is called
KOLAP-2504 Change GaiaSetDictVector::validate_vector error log to do backtrace
KOLAP-2505 GaiaSetData::updateChunkIdToIndexMap now sets GaiaSetChunkData::m_chunk_index to new value
KOLAP-2510 Fix geometry aggregate handling in kway parallel merging
KUI-1404 Support new secure password entry for KIO
KUI-1409 Fix bad comma and lint
KUI-1409 Reveal Map Slice Toggle base layer visibility via layer legend
KUI-1409 Save base layer visibility in local storage
KUI-1420 Improve handling of editing row values with truncated wkt columns (currently causing issues on update)
KUI-1422 Incorrect table sorting when sorting on table type
KUI-1427 Updated some styling attributes 
KUI-1441 Add warning if cardinality too high for autocomplete for Column Filter slice
KUI-1469 Add timezone configuration to Data Browser slice



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