Kinetica Release Notes

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  • 8 Resolved Issues


KINFRA-2458 When using PrimaryKeyIndex always lock before pinning
KINFRA-2472 Fix uninitialized variable and add reproducer to all_test
KOLAP-2405 Backport allow series partition chunks to be deleted
KOLAP-2572 Update append worker to run grbc in parallel
KOLAP-2580 Worker_append_records fix do_resharding calculation again - test_append_records now passes with multiple workers
KOLAP-2580 Worker_append_records now does not reshard if source and target table shard keys match
KUI-1511 Improve number formatting (< 100) on Table Slice horizontal bars
KUI-1520 Incorrect client-side draw of wkt linestring crossing the antimeridian



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