Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  13 Resolved Issues


KGEO-865 Wrap WKT linestrings about antimeridian
KINFRA-1213 File path in
KINFRA-1213 Limit concurrency in external files reader by tps_per_tom and subtask_limit
KINFRA-2455 Fix SymbolManager save to write 0 length, then records, then correct length
KINFRA-2456 In Worker_scan_external_file modify the scheduling
KINFRA-2457 Set m_data_in_mem before clearing vectors, in GaiaSetBaseVectorFileSync::clearMem
KOLAP-2402 Fix SQL show table output for series partitioning
KOLAP-2560 Corrected calculation of index into sub_chunks_processed.   Renamed some <name>_chunk_index variables to <name>_sub_chunk_index
KOLAP-2561 Provide safe_null_size and safe_size_elements function for GaiaSetDataContainer classes that gives a lock protected correct value of the size for unpinned (as well as pinned) containers - use these in GPUManager error checking code
KOLAP-2563 Fix bad dereferencing by host of cuda pointer passed to handle_rpn_eval_error - instead used host copy of value
KOLAP-2588 1) Add validation check to date_to_epoch_sec/msec - sets new output error parameter 2) Wrap days_in_month and days_before_month arrays with bounds checking functions. 3) TypedRpnEvaluator checks error parameters and sets new error indicators. 4) Error indicators reworked to be more general. 5) Error indicator is now always allocated (deleted Parser function to check if rpn has divide operator. 6) Added fix for divn function setting of null_stack
KUI-1517 Fix clear completed not clearing selected jobs
KUI-1518 Replace all -1 timeouts in GR with 120s



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