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KGEO-873 Uniformly use filter expressions in /filter/byradius/geometry
KGEO-873 Use stxy_dwitihin for filter/byradius/geometry
KINFRA-1213 fix err check
KINFRA-2003 Fix source of intermittent failure in test_verify_db
KINFRA-2458 When using PrimaryKeyIndex always lock before pinning
KINFRA-2472 Fix uninitialized variable and add reproducer to all_test
KINFRA-2476 Update SecurityMgr to timeout sync after 2 minutes
KINFRA-2478 In EndpointHeadInternal_alter_table_change_column class, assign local job id for internal request message
KINFRA-2480 bulk_add_object_internal: keep chunk pinned through increase capacity and insert
KINFRA-2490 Insert records from payload: check for end of buffer before end of line
KINFRA-2493 Mark table for rebuild on allocation failure if IndexedDb insert was successful - Clarify error message from IndexedDb when update blocked due to column and object store inconsistency - Log additional error messages and results from file repair
KOLAP-2522 Use conf.request_timeout when issuing clear_table/mv_refresh post N+1 recovery
KOLAP-2569 Regenerate pk during aggregate group-by insert_result_table finalize step - provide proper locking
KOLAP-2570 Fix double creation of attribute indexes by union endpoint
KOLAP-2570 Handle and test  result_table_force_replicated option in union create indexes
KOLAP-2572 Update append worker to run grbc in parallel
KOLAP-2572 Set uses dot find instead of std::find since the first one has lower run time complexity
KOLAP-2580 Improve performance of Worker_append_records.cpp:identify_duplicate_primary_key_records.  Fix segfault when appending source table with duplicate pks and having geometry vector.  Add tracers to Worker_append_records.cpp and GaiaSet.cpp handling of bulk_add_internal_requests
KOLAP-2580 Worker_append_records fix do_resharding calculation again - test_append_records now passes with multiple workers
KOLAP-2580 Worker_append_records now does not reshard if source and target table shard keys match. - old apped_records tests pass but need tests of sharding decision
KOLAP-2580 Worker_append_records['count'] now set correctly when not resharding
KOLAP-2580 Added tests to test fast-path and reshard decision for a variety of cases
KOLAP-2580 Move append_records fast_path reshard determination from workers to rank0.   Allow fast-path for source and target having mix of randomly-sharded and routed-sharded - fix tests to be able to compare more results
KOLAP-2581 Rollback creates materialized view requests properly so that no member entries are left - Even if member entries remain in the root view, allow the view to be cleared
KOLAP-2584 Fix crash with billions of aggregate groups sink. The buffer index variables and counters are changed to int64 to support larger groups
KOLAP-2584 Fix missing int32 counters to int64 counter
KOLAP-2588 Fix missing pin check for null vectors
KOLAP-2612 Do not mutex lock fk_constraint_t mutex during initial creation - do not hold mutex_lock for fk_constraint_t while it is being erased from the fk_map (cause a segfault)
KOLAP-2612 Protect fk_constraint_t indices and chunk_ids with a mutex.  prevents simultaneous identical pk joins from both concurrently updating the fk_constraint_t
KOLAP-2622 Update unlimited_string offset correctly in worker_append_rcords.cpp
KUI-1511 Improve number formatting (< 100) on Table Slice horizontal bars
KUI-1520 Incorrect client-side draw of wkt linestring crossing the antimeridian
KUI-1524 Improve alert email template for Kagent
KUI-1527 Wrap basemap for maps
KUI-1528 Graph endpoint UI schema/table/column autocomplete should match any part of the available options
KUI-1533 GAdmin - Stats are not processed due to mismatch of hostname if contains periods
KUI-1533 system.js dashboard uses hostname, not metric_hostname, as arg from UI to find host


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