Kinetica Release Notes

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  • 9 Resolved Issues


KGEO-896 Fix use of uninitialized values
KINFRA-2510 Pin stencil in GaiaSetData::deletePKsFromContainingSets
KINFRA-2527 Fix valgrind error in verifydb
KOLAP-2647 get_new_expr_value function handles INT/INT16/INT8 separately
KOLAP-2649 Disallow temp tables in procedures
KOLAP-2649 SQL procedure fixes -- Log and ignore errors for periodic sql procedures on startup so that other procedures can resume. -- Fix condition to update the start_up_view_table_meta_map correctly. -- Log proper error messages for SQL procedures in RefreshViewProc as the same code is used for both mv and sp's
KOLAP-2650 Fix long->double conversion
KOLAP-2657 Fix for impersonating an external user
KOLAP-2665 Apply chunking for groupby sharded result table



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