Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  174 Resolved Issues


KDEVOPS-1237 Strip libgpudb*.so binaries for licensed installs
KDEVOPS-1244 Add spark connector
KDEVOPS-1244 Fix 'javascript' copy paste in
KDEVOPS-1246 Fix packaging scripts to properly handle stock conf upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1
KECO-1813 Added support for custom headers
KECO-1838 Fixed exception handling in N+1 failover
KECO-1855 Fixed primary host parsing for multiple user given URLs
KECO-1887 Use exception name if message is empty
KECO-1888 Added support for saving discovered HA rank-0 URLs even when not responsive (at initialization)
KECO-1891 Fixed failover issue when HTTPD proxy returns 502 error code
KECO-1893 Updated the table monitor section of the readme
KECO-1895 Fixed import issues
KECO-1896 Fixed link to tutorial
KGEO-865 Wrap wkt linestrings about antimeridian
KGEO-873 Uniformly use filter expressions in /filter/byradius/geometry
KGEO-896 Fix use of uninitialized values
KGEO-902 Fix degreesToClipSpace in shape outline rendering
KGEO-904 Properly clear glParams before wkt point rendering
KINFRA-1213 Limit concurrency in external files reader by tps_per_tom and subtask_limit
KINFRA-1292 Fixes for preserving attribute indexes during alter table change column

Nullable/ManagedNullable Fixes:
1. Use boost vector to avoid problems with std::vector<bool> 2. Explicitly reserve size 1
3. Remove stream operators to support complex types
4. Add stringification support in StringUtils Add some missing managed support in StringUtils and FastAvro Add zero-copy avro support in endpoint comms/avro Fix inheritance issue affecting options in JsonEncoder/Decoder

KINFRA-2333 Request configuration from GlobalManager in /show/conf
KINFRA-2343 Update GaiaCudaUtils to not enum with cuda at all in HM or rank, Fix Rank0GpuManager to setCudaDevice before calling cuda functions
KINFRA-2378 Avoid setting system irrecoverable when cluster is being
KINFRA-2378 Only head host can set system 'irrecoverable'
KINFRA-2390 Try to re-sync an unresponsive host for every missed heartbeat instead of when the threshold has been exceeded. Added more robust verification of cluster status before a degraded host attempts to rejoin the cluster Change subscriber_sync_time to use ProcessId instead of a timestamp Minor comment updates
KINFRA-2411 Fix a few missed places in GPUManager.cpp where a geometry column pinning could potentially be lost
KINFRA-2429 Fix invalid transition errors when cluster is restarted
KINFRA-2431 Add more targeted Events for conf errors. GaiaParams/ConfigParser::loadConfFile() now throw
KINFRA-2437 Fix invalid transition errors when we have a fatal error on rank startup (e.g. bad conf)
KINFRA-2439 Fix error due to missing resource group in TierPinning object in GPUManager's MemBlock class
KINFRA-2441 Fix perm checks in test_proc_security
KINFRA-2445 Shorter timeout for GR trying to reconnect to leader when orphaned
KINFRA-2446 In Worker_rebuild_db pass global job id, not a new local job id, into TOM::rebuild_table_from_indexeddb
KINFRA-2447 Relaxed restriction on /execute/sql calls with an HA header instead of an HA hint
KINFRA-2448 Add http_keep_alive as internal option to alter system properties
KINFRA-2448 Add http_keep_alive conf option; support keep alive if enabled
KINFRA-2449 Ha conf start_up_limit can now be changed without a restart
KINFRA-2450 Capture a little more info (via -a and -p flags) from netstat to get more diagnostic info on the bug
KINFRA-2456 In Worker_scan_external_file modify the scheduling
KINFRA-2457 Set m_data_in_mem before clearing vectors, in GaiaSetBaseVectorFileSync::clearMem
KINFRA-2467 Do not check view and disk cache restrictions on add/remove/rebalance
KINFRA-2467 Fixes in multihead endpoints for rebalance processing
KINFRA-2467 In the Rebalancer class, refactor the many rebalancing parameters into structs
KINFRA-2499 Update text exe process to log stdout to .out not .log file
KINFRA-2500 CUDA synchronize after copying from VRAM cache
KINFRA-2509 Fix for invalid timestamps in some logs
KINFRA-2522 Add rank ip ShowSysProps updates + Added ha_ring_head_nodes_private that only gives the private urls of rank0 in the clusters of an HA ring.  Add back rankN.public_url for cloud  Add worker_server_urls_private for API  Add conf.hostn_private_url to show system properties  ha_ring_head_nodes now only reflects public rank0 urls.  ha_ring_head_nodes_full (unchanged) shows public rank0 urls when available; otherwise it show the private and alternate ones
KINFRA-2523 bin/gpudb report 'Stats KAgent managed' for HM start/stop and don't call if conf event_server_internal=false
KINFRA-2526 Fix valgrind error on update of UUID column with null value
KINFRA-2527 Fix valgrind error in verifydb
KINFRA-2556 Update CMakeLists for cuda 11, use var for -std=c++11/14
KINFRA-2559 ColdStoreS3Object now makes multiple ListObject calls when needed to list all files

Fix shadow_cube incorrect stats issue with forced purge of entries - Fixed a sporadic segfault caused by enable/disable shadow cube - log incorrect stats message only once per shadow cube reset instead of continuous logging

KOLAP-2073 Remove restriction on multiple order by keys in range only for default framing of unbounded preceding and current row other types of framing are not allowed
KOLAP-2232 Fix attribute functions when offset passed eliminate error message for functions for which offset doesn't matter account for passed offset for functions that require it
KOLAP-2232 Make gpudb_partition() and ki_partition() aliases for ki_partition_id() -fixes shortcomings in old function
KOLAP-2297 Fix for non-determinant functions in replicated tables (combined merge from 7.0)
KOLAP-2325 EXPLAIN VERBOSE to return the input base table definitions in the output
KOLAP-2344 Add regex support and parser support for RESPECT/IGNORE NULLS
KOLAP-2344 Add support to IGNORE NULLS for Window functions FIRST_VALUE, LAST_VALUE, LEAD and LAG
KOLAP-2344 Add tests to existing file/infrastructure. Some minor test cleanup
KOLAP-2344 Fix a minor review comment to move SYNCHRONIZE inside if and else blocks. Also modified few function parameters to be in a particular order. Deleted unused function and commented code
KOLAP-2344 Move function argument parsing into its own method simplifies the parse_window_function method move from trying to categorize how many arguments a function takes to simply handling by function type--more straightforward
KOLAP-2344 Optimized the FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE functions. Implemented the LEAD and LAG functions to support ignore nulls
KOLAP-2344 Reinitialize tests for changed error message
KOLAP-2344 Replace few templated functions into simple functions as the column values i.e. dv array is not used. Handle the new window function PRODUCT, not to throw error in parse_function_argument
KOLAP-2348 Added ignore nulls behavior for LAST_VALUE function for ROWS window frame
KOLAP-2348 Added ignore nulls behavior for FIRST_VALUE function with window frame CURRENT ROW and n FOLLOWING
KOLAP-2348 Added ignore nulls behavior for FIRST_VALUE function with window frame n PRECEDING and n FOLLOWING
KOLAP-2348 Added ignore nulls behavior for FIRST_VALUE function with window frame UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND n FOLLOWING
KOLAP-2348 Added ignore nulls behavior for FIRST_VALUE function with window frame UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND n PRECEDING
KOLAP-2348 Added ignore nulls behavior for first_value with window frame unbounded preceding and current row
KOLAP-2348 Added missing implementation of IGNORE NULLS for FIRST_VALUE function, window frame n PRECEDING and n+m PRECEDING or n FOLLOWING and n+m FOLLOWING. Revamped the code for FIRST_VALUE function by writing a generic functor to handle most of the ranges. Added a new test file to cover tests cases for IGNORE NULLS support
KOLAP-2348 Optimize the implementation of FIRST_VALUE ROWS window frame. Implement the RANGE window frame for both FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE functions
KOLAP-2384 Implement ON_QUERY materialized views. 1. PKs, sharded attribute indexes have been blocked on ON_QUERY views. 2. security check for SQL objects moved to endpoint preprocess phase (every endpoint does in preprocess) 3. Lazy loading thread defers recreating on_query views. 4. Added/updated lazy view tests
KOLAP-2402 Remove check that prevented deleting series partition chunks instead, remove all but the first chunk
KOLAP-2403 Support hash and list partitioning for strings and therefore TRACKID string types
KOLAP-2405 Don't set file out of sync, not necessary was causing problems in 7.0, removing in 7.1 for consistency
KOLAP-2405 Fix problem with chunk vector lock and series partitions problem came in setting files out of sync in 7.0 since it is not necessary any more, removed the offending code
KOLAP-2405 Fix problems with series partitioning after restart needed to make sure table info is written after partitions added
KOLAP-2405 Fix show table output for series partition type
KOLAP-2405 Implement series partitioning add a new type of partitioning called "series partitioning" this will add all records with the given key value to the currently filling partition the user may provide a percent_full value between 1 and 100 when the chunk passes that threshold, a new partition will be created and new series will be placed in that partition once a series has been assigned to a partition, additional records in that series will be inserted in that partition
KOLAP-2419 Add create/union tests
KOLAP-2419 Add ends_with function for uuid, and case insensitive
KOLAP-2419 Add newuuid simplifier like rand function
KOLAP-2419 Add shard_key and primary_key tests
KOLAP-2419 Add uuid_char32_cast function
KOLAP-2419 charN_to_uuid function supports both hyphen and non-hyphen versions, and some code optimizations
KOLAP-2419 Dummy push, to ensure uuid branch is in good state
KOLAP-2419 Fix bug in Field.convert function regarding to uuid, and add filter/by/string and filter/byvalue tests
KOLAP-2419 memcpy int128_t code optimization, remove unnecessary array reference
KOLAP-2419 Missing break statement in gaiaset.cpp, and updated some uuid tests
KOLAP-2419 new_uuid function seed can still use chunk id when table is replicated
KOLAP-2419 new_uuid uses the same seed to generate clock_seq for replicated tables
KOLAP-2419 Put back filter and cast function tests
KOLAP-2419 starts_with and contains string functions support uuid
KOLAP-2419 uuid cast function parser code optimizations
KOLAP-2419 uuid string supports hyphen and non-hyphen versions
KOLAP-2434 randomutils supports uuid datatype
KOLAP-2434 Create a new branch feature/new_uuid because the feature/uuid branch was messed up
KOLAP-2436 Fix bug in update/records to support uuid datatype
KOLAP-2436 Fix a small bug in update/records to support uuid, can't cast expression into lowercase sometimes
KOLAP-2436 Fix interaction with joined updates
KOLAP-2437 Fix a bug in append/records to support uuid
KOLAP-2442 charN cast function support uuid
KOLAP-2442 uuid cast function and some optimizations
KOLAP-2443 uuid supports comparison operations
KOLAP-2444 Add 'init_with_uuid' flag to uuid datatype
KOLAP-2444 Fix memory leak and init each record with different uuid value when 'init_with_uuid' flag is set
KOLAP-2444 Fix potential bug caused by boolean to integer conversion
KOLAP-2444 Optimization of populating uuid string vector
KOLAP-2444 sqlutils supports 'init_with_uuid' flag
KOLAP-2452 Return specific errors from /insert/records when user requests it and PK conflicts exist
KOLAP-2477 Allow user to insert char8/char16 data into ipv4. if the data is invalid, it will be inserted as null
KOLAP-2477 Avoid dual explicit casts added by planner,core
KOLAP-2480 Internal endpoint to list functions (combined merge from 7.0)
KOLAP-2488 Move ConcurrentLRUMultiMap out of ConcurrentLRUCache and integrate it into SqlPlanCache. Checkpoint check-in compiles, but hasn't been run
KOLAP-2488 Row/Column Security Support for Materialized Views, and SQL Plan Cache support for different security on the same SQL Plan. Merged from 7.1
KOLAP-2488 Store lastUpdate with Permissions objects so cache can detect when security grants have changed
KOLAP-2493 Assign worker rampool for m_input_set_object_ids
KOLAP-2493 Fix regression in attribute functions test
KOLAP-2493 null_vals can be empty if the get_columns_from_ids response contain no nulls. Avoid segfault in such cases
KOLAP-2495 Print uuid data type in show create table sql
KOLAP-2496 Implement non-default window framing for Product window function
KOLAP-2503 Derive aggregate type including the raw aggregates used in the having expression and pass the derived type to normalize_rpn to resolve the raw aggregates as fields. Add tests to validate string aggregates in having, with/without rollup, result_tables
KOLAP-2504 Add test for series partitions to check fill percentage is respected also make sure there is only one chunk per tom below the fill percentage
KOLAP-2504 Use input fill percentage parameter for test
KOLAP-2518 Don't persist series partition keys instead, regenerate the map on restart
KOLAP-2518 Re-create series partition map on startup
KOLAP-2518 Update test to work for all partition types and all tom counts
KOLAP-2539 Perist table does not use non-persist table as foreign key table
KOLAP-2543 Don't allow moving a Materialized View, which is not supported yet
KOLAP-2544 Pin join between filter input stencil if bms->allocated() is true
KOLAP-2545 Added new 'ifnan', 'ifinf', 'iferror' functions
KOLAP-2548 Fix test to match new calcite library plan
KOLAP-2553 Initialze GaiaSetBase::m_last_insert_time the same way m_last_update_time was initialized
KOLAP-2560 Corrected calculation of index into sub_chunks_processed.  Renamed some <name>_chunk_index variables to <name>_sub_chunk_index
KOLAP-2561 Provide safe_null_size and safe_size_elements function for GaiaSetDataContainer classes that gives a lock protected correct value of the size for unpinned (as well as pinned) containers use these in GPUManager error checking code
KOLAP-2562 /update/records should support its truncate_strings option for data being inserted
KOLAP-2563 Fix bad de-refencing by host of cuda pointer passed to handle_rpn_eval_error instead used host copy of value
KOLAP-2567 Don't report a UERR for a correct predicate that simply confused the Simplifier
KOLAP-2568 Fix a parser bug regarding to ulong check
KOLAP-2571 Better initialization and handling of invalid requestSentTime. Added a fuzzer known error response
KOLAP-2574 Throw an error if Timestamp is out of range and fix an issue when computing tier strategy for timestamp data
KOLAP-2576 Fix for Segfault coming from SQL Plan Cache
KOLAP-2576 More Fixes for Segfault coming from SQL Plan Cache
KOLAP-2582 Support init_with_now in /append/records
KOLAP-2583 Added 16 inequality checks to IfDivzSimplification
KOLAP-2586 Fix for skipping Row/Column Security when reading via multi-head
KOLAP-2588 Add validation check to date_to_epoch_sec/msec sets new output error parameter - Wrap days_in_month and days_before_month arrays with bounds checking functions - TypedRpnEvaluator checks error parameter and sets new error indicator - Error indicators reworked to be more general - Error indicator is now always allocated (deleted Parser function to check if rpn has divide operator - Added Fix for divn function setting of null_stack
KOLAP-2605 Add verification of track count to test
KOLAP-2605 Fix alter table changing chunk fill size of series partitions the problem is the chunk_size was being reset to 0 when creating a new GaiaSet pass the fill_size to the GaiaSet constructor and use it when set
KOLAP-2606 Add chunker modification function to set offset and length of data to be processed. Reimplement JoinedSetChunker to take advantage of these and only process the sub-chunks within the offset and length
KOLAP-2606 Have JoinedSetChunker cache JoinedSetChunk counts so only first query on JoinedSet needs to calculate the counts.  Helps accelerate paging through a table with get_records_by_column
KOLAP-2606 Reimplement GaiaSetChunker to take advantage of range parameters. Worker_get_records_by_column now skips unneeded chunks for both JoinedSets and GaiaSets.  Worker_get_set_count changed to not require pinning chunk stencils to get count
KOLAP-2608 Disable fast path in self appending to avoid re-sharding
KOLAP-2621 Fix a bug when change/column to remove 'init_with_uuid' property from a uuid column
KOLAP-2627 Recreate indexes after a full refresh of groupby views
KOLAP-2630 Fix a index bug when calling convertGRBCIResponseAvroEncoding function when re-sharding
KOLAP-2639 Set collection name to the passed schema name for filter
KOLAP-2649 Disallow temp tables in procedures
KOLAP-2649 SQL procedure Fixes -- Log and ignore errors for periodic sql procedures on startup so that other procedures can resume. -- Fix condition to update the start_up_view_table_meta_map correctly. -- Log proper error messages for SQL procedures in RefreshViewProc as the same code is used for both mv and stored procs
KOLAP-2660 uuid high and low 64 bits swapped causes attribute indexing not working
KOLAP-2665 Apply chunking for groupby sharded result table
KOLAP-2665 Do not apply chunking for groupby view result tables
KOLAP-2682 Fix JoinedSetChunker:setRangeParametersImpl and JoinChunk constructor calcualtion of start and end offsets of subchunks
KOLAP-2714 Calculate source indices correctly when in GaiaSet::update_records_with_map
KOLAP-2737 Fixed JoinedSetChunker begin_offset calculation when range parameters are set
KOLAP-2436 Allow update uuid column with new_uuid() expression when it is not a key
KUI-1416 Add support for new uuid type
KUI-1516 Leverage new KiSQL options disableAutoDiscovery and disableFailover
KUI-1565 Add sorting by label asc/desc option for Bar Chart slice
KUI-1638 GAdmin record editing should support tables with shard keys


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