Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  13 Resolved Issues


KGEO-902 Fix degreesToClipSpace in shape outline rendering
KGEO-904 Properly clear glParams before wkt point rendering
KINFRA-2633 Append rank# to disk-cache tier path via GaiaParams - When co-located ranks share the same disk-cache root path they delete each other's temp directories during shutdown vice just their own - This has the adverse effect of the active ranks failing to re-hydrate objects from disk if another rank had to restart
KINFRA-2638 Fix corrupt stencil on failed eviction to disk
KOLAP-2019 Fix shadow_cube incorrect stats issue with forced purge of entries - Fixed a sporadic segfault caused by enable/disable shadow cube - Log incorrect stats message only once per shadow cube reset instead of continuous logging
KOLAP-2232 Fix attribute functions when offset passed - eliminate error message for functions for which offset doesn't matter - account for passed offset for functions that require it
KOLAP-2476 Fix BetweenJoinStencilTests.cpp
KOLAP-2476 Fix valgrind detected uninitialized between-ab FilterPlan variable for single inequality case
KOLAP-2595 In JoinedStencil::get_pk_indices, hold multichunk pk-lookup table locks and pin for entire time it used
KOLAP-2750 Fix for Consistent NOW() behavior across chunks, ranks & toms
KOLAP-2750 Fix crash in UDF handling where worker is null
KOLAP-2786 Copy shadow aggregate response outside of lock scope to reduce contention
KOLAP-2794 More fixes for init_with_now and /append/records


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