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KDEVOPS-1289 Update GpudbExeProcess kml args to handle https and httpd
KDEVOPS-1293 Fix incorrect rank reordering on 7.1 upgrade
KGEO-879 Fix memory leak due to use of getEnvelope
KINFRA-1547 Call max() on singlestat to fix multiple series from job='ki_ranks', now ki_rank
KINFRA-2473 Return local copy of GR member object if server request fails - Fix race condition between migrate_rank and rank_start states; occasionally the start command precedes an updated conf broadcast leading to ranks starting up on the wrong host
KINFRA-2496 Throw error on change column in external table
KINFRA-2502 Inference type on refresh external table
KINFRA-2506 Delete pk keys of deleted chunks, in rebuild table. New option in rebuild_db_request, force_rebuild
KINFRA-2510 Pin stencil in GaiaSetData::deletePKsFromContainingSets
KOLAP-2647 Fix updates with expressions on int8/int16 columns
KOLAP-2647 Fix int to int16/int8 cast bug when updating with expressions
KOLAP-2650 Fix long->double conversion
KUI-1561 Leverage new KiSQL options disableAutoDiscovery and disableFailover
KUI-1562 KAgent - 'template' needs to be updated for email content


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