Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  15 Resolved Issues


KDOC-1250 Change default --user to not be
KINFRA-2633 Append rank# to disk-cache tier path via GaiaParams 
KINFRA-2639 Fix for verify date type column in type inference
KINFRA-2641 Fix pinned, temp, obj evicted while pinned by second rgroup
KINFRA-2642 Refresh MVs by dependency order - Add lazy refresh support post cluster operation events - Added test cluster_ops/
KINFRA-2643 S3 driver applies credentials per client connection rather than globally
KINFRA-2643 Update to previous S3 commit, to support case where creds only defined in env vars from outside
KINFRA-2644 Fix new chunks not pinned
KOLAP-2595 In JoinedStencil::get_pk_indices, hold multichunk pk-lookup table locks and pin for entire time it used
KOLAP-2757 Fix aggregate functions to create schema if collection is specified
KOLAP-2786 Copy shadow aggregate response outside of lock scope to reduce contention
KOLAP-2794 More fixes for init_with_now and /append/records
KOLAP-2794 Fix issues in append/records for uuid with init_with_uuid property
KOLAP-2802 Fix input to get the datatype of the column referred to in Product window function
KUI-1646 Add flag to ignore ssl certs for gpudb object


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