Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  13 Resolved Issues


KINFRA-2652 Increase limits on tcs_per_tom/tps_per_tom to 1024
KINFRA-2638 Add test case for stencil corruption after disk full
KINFRA-2641 Fix pinned, temp, obj evicted while pinned by second rgroup
KINFRA-2643 S3 driver applies credentials per client connection rather than globally
KINFRA-2643 Update to previous S3 commit, to support case where creds only defined in env vars from outside
KINFRA-2644 Fix new chunks not pinned
KOLAP-2800 Fix Query fails when one filter is added
KOLAP-2820 Add test_join_asof:test_kolap2820 that reproduces problem and that now works with the fix
KOLAP-2820 Minimize-2d and maximize-2d filter-plan steps are not determined to be non-incrementally-refreshable
KOLAP-2820 Fix FilterPlanner::has_plan function to check the passed in plan type
KOLAP-2823 Use managed vector of groupby responses in kway sinking of responses - Clear all the responses that were processed
KUI-1655 Password manager autocompleting username field in create/edit user form
KUI-1656 Need to update /show/sql/proc calls and pass no_error_if_not_exists option to avoid not found error


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