Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  8 Resolved Issues


KGEO-899 Use ki_home for schema in test_decimal_plot2d_labels
KINFRA-2345 Fix unrecoverable error message at error level
KINFRA-2663 Fix memory leaks in hdfs driver
KINFRA-2664 When attempting to re-establish the cluster, skip the host electable check if failover is disabled
KOLAP-2847 Changed Bitmask stencil call allocateInTier flat from WaitForMemory::False to WaitForMemory::True
KOLAP-2848 Move chunker initialization to onHandleMessage
KUI-1657 Add datetime/timestamp format support to Big Number slice
KUI-1661 Set empty slug/short URL when importing dashboard to prevent unique id conflict


None currently


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