Running Reveal in a separate box

At some point, if you want to run Reveal in it's own separate box, follow these steps:

  1. You still need to have the same version of Kinetica installed on this separate box (Because some of the runtime library and driver are required). But you don't need to start any gpudb processes, like (host_manager, etc)

  2. Update /opt/gpudb/connectors/odbc/etc/odbc.ini file to point to remote gpudb instance instead of localhost:9191

    Description=ReadOnly Kinetica Connection



  3. Update /opt/gpudb/connectors/reveal/lib/python2.7/site-packages/caravel-0.11.0-py2.7.egg/caravel/ to point to the correct location of GPUdb

  4. After that, you can just start Reveal from this box:

    /opt/gpudb/core/bin/gpudb reveal-start
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    James Campbell

    This stipulates that to get this to work, the port 9191 and the bare ip address need to be publically exposed to the separate reveal box. Does this work with a FQDN as well? like could you put instead of the ip:9191 in the config settings?

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    Jeffrey Yin

    Reveal connect to GPUdb through odbc, FQDN should work too, but I think Port is still needed. Or you can use reverse proxy to forward traffic to the right port. 

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